Shell in cancer court case

This video from the USA says about itself:

AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) is associated with benzene exposure. Benzene is found in petroleum products, and solvents.

From the Madison/St. Clair Record in the USA:

Shell Chemical, Turtle Wax named in new benzene suit

9/24/2010 6:43 AM By Kelly Holleran

A Madison County man claims he developed leukemia after more than 30 years of exposure to benzene.

Jerry and Diane Crawford filed a lawsuit Sept. 13 in Madison County Circuit Court against Shell Chemical Co., Shell Oil Co., Turtle Wax and United States Steel Corp.

The Crawfords claim that throughout Jerry Crawford’s employment at Shell Wood River Refinery in Wood River from 1967 until 2000, he unintentionally inhaled volatile organic compounds — chemicals found in cleaners, solvents and solvent-based fluids.

In December 2008, Jerry Crawford discovered that he had developed chronic lymphocytic leukemia because of his exposure to the VOCs, according to the complaint.

As a result of his disease, Jerry Crawford sustained disability and disfigurement, incurred substantial medical costs and experienced great physical pain and mental anguish, the suit states.

Co-plaintiff Diane Crawford claims she lost her husband’s support, devotion, care, society and consortium because of his disease.

The Crawfords blame the defendants for causing Jerry Crawford’s disease, saying the companies negligently included VOCs in their products when they knew that workers would inhale the dangerous materials. In addition, the defending companies included the VOCs in their products when alternative and safer materials were available, failed to warn people working around the VOCs of their dangers, failed to provide adequate instructions on how to safely work around the VOCs and failed to conduct tests on the VOCs, the suit states.

In their nine-count complaint, the Crawfords are seeking compensatory damages of more than $450,000, plus costs and other relief the court deems just.

Timothy F. Thompson Jr. and Ryan J. Kiwala of Simmons, Browder, Gianaris, Angelides and Barnerd in East Alton will be representing them.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 10-L-945.

9 thoughts on “Shell in cancer court case

  1. Pilipinas Shell in ‘biggest’ smuggling rap in RP history
    10/14/2010 | 01:34 PM

    (Updated 7:58 p.m.) Oil giant Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. is facing a multi-billion-peso technical smuggling complaint the Bureau of Customs lodged Thursday before the Department of Justice (DOJ), the biggest in Philippine history.

    Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez said the oil firm wrongfully declared and classified petroleum importations from August 2005 to May 2009, defrauding the government of about P24.4 billion in excise and value-added taxes.

    The smuggling suit against Pilipinas Shell is touted as the “biggest” slapped on an oil firm in Philippine history, Alvarez said.

    GMANews.TV tried to reach Pilipinas Shell vice president for communications Roberto Kanapi to comment on the matter, but could not contact him as of posting time.

    In a news briefing at the DOJ, Alvarez said Shell declared 52 import entries of unleaded gasoline as tetrapropylene which is not subject to excise tax under the National Internal Revenue Code.

    The oil firm also imported unleaded premium gasoline from August 2005 to December 2008. However, Shell declared the imported product as catalytic cracked gasoline and light catalytic cracked gasoline.

    The original products were subject to P2.7 billion in excise and value-added taxes, according to the bureau.

    Pilipinas Shell is also required to pay an 800-percent surcharge or P21.7 billion for fraud in the act of misdeclararing and misclassifying its imports.

    “The total amount the Bureau of Customs is demanding from Pilipinas Shell sums up to P24.4 billion,” said Alvarez.

    This is separate from the P7.3-billion tax case the oil firm is already facing before the Court of Tax Appeals.

    In a separate interview, Presidential Communications Strategic Development and Planning Office head Ricky Carandang said the P24.4-billion lawsuit against Shell proves the Aquino administration is serious in its efforts to boost revenue generation and in running after smugglers and tax evaders.

    Asked if the cases against smuggling and tax evasion would boost the fund generation targets of the government, Carandang said: “It won’t happen overnight.” b>— JE/VS, GMANews.TV


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