Hawaiian palila songbird endangered

This video is called A selection of common, endemic and non endemic birds of the Hawaiian Archipelago.

From Wildlife Extra:

Last chance for Hawaiian songbird is two-million-dollar fence

24/09/2010 14:56:14

Numbers of palila are plummeting

September 2010: A beautiful Hawaiian songbird’s numbers are continuing to fall dramatically, according to a new survey by the United States Geological Survey under the auspices of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) – but now money is being poured into a fence-building project that may be the bird’s saviour.

The endangered palila is restricted to the island of Hawaii, where its population has decreased by nearly 75 per cent over the past seven years from about 4,400 birds in the core area in 2003 to about 1,200 birds in the 2010 survey.

‘These latest figures tell us that it is imperative that we act quickly to protect this bird now. We know what needs to be done to protect this species, and every day that goes by without those actions being implemented brings it one step closer to extinction,’ said George Wallace, Vice President for Oceans and Islands of American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

The palila’s downward population slide is a result of habitat degradation, predation, and severe drought conditions that are causing reductions in food supply. Climate change is an emerging threat. Non-native, feral cats prey on adults and nestlings.

The native māmane and naio forests upon which the palila depends have also been degraded by introduced ungulates, especially mouflon, mouflon-sheep hybrids, and goats.

How do Native Hawaiian birds survive in a fragmented forest? via Hawaii 24/7: here.

New Zealand: If domestic cats wore bell collars in urban areas the numbers of native birds caught and killed could be reduced by as much as half, a new University of Otago study shows: here.

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