Economic crisis, rich still get richer

The “poverty summit” that concluded at the United Nations Wednesday only underscored capitalism’s responsibility for conditions of desperate poverty and hunger which have deepened worldwide as a result of the global financial crisis: here.

European Central Bank presses Irish government for more social cuts: here.

Rehn warns Portugal, Ireland on debt measures: here.

British bosses get richer: here.

Findings published by the pay monitoring group, Incomes Data Services, revealed that directors of the London Stock Exchange’s top 100 companies saw their total earnings climb by an average of 55 percent during the past year: here.

Poor Kids, a new documentary broadcast on the BBC, highlights the plight of some of Britain’s 3.5 million children who live in poverty: here.

Germany threw its weight on Monday behind the European Commission’s drive to impose automatic sanctions on EU member states that breach the capitalist bloc’s deficit rules: here.

Hypo Real Estate, the only bank to be nationalised by the German government in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, announced last week that it had paid out 25 million euros in bonus payments last year: here.

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