Death penalty for United States woman

This video from the USA is about the Teresa Lewis case.

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to block the state of Virginia from executing Teresa Lewis, a 41-year-old grandmother. Barring an unlikely last minute stay-of-execution from Governor Robert McDonnell, Lewis will be injected with a lethal poison on Thursday, becoming the first woman put to death by Virginia since 1912: here. And here.

This is a Dutch TV video on the Teresa Lewis case.

UPDATE: Teresa Lewis was executed on September 23, 2010 at 9PM at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia.

Virginia woman executed, Georgia and California executions to follow: here.

California executions to be suspended Sept. 30 due to shortage of lethal injection drug: here.

A powerful interactive exhibition in central London highlighting the plight of death-row inmate Linda Carty has been hailed as a major success by campaign group Reprieve: here.

Amnesty issues call for U.S. to drop death penalty: here.

Death penalty poster exhibition cancelled due to ‘censorship’: here.

MYTH 1: Innocent people are not executed: here.

DNA tests show that demonstrably false physical evidence led to the conviction of a Texas man and his execution in 2000: here.

Fewer US women support the death penalty than men: here.

When Capital Punishment is a Crime: the Atlantic Divide Over the Death Penalty: here.

Cruel and Usual?: Is Capital Punishment by Lethal Injection Quick and Painless? Here.

A Supreme Court decision Tuesday cleared the way for execution by lethal injection of an Arizona death row inmate, dismissing arguments by lawyers for the condemned man that questioned the origins and ingredients of one of the drugs used in the procedure: here.

Death penalty, shot through with racism, cannot be fixed: here.

Texan executioners turn to Danish manufacturer Lundbeck for experimental lethal injection drug: here.

Many US states fail to deal properly with mothers and pregnant women in prison even though the number of women incarcerated is at record high, a new survey has revealed: here.

USA: Shackling non-violent female prisoners during labor and childbirth? Still legal in 40 states: here.

New York Review of Books: Prison rape is constant and mainly done by the guards: here.

TAIWAN: Wrongful Execution Reopens Death Penalty Debate: here.

5 thoughts on “Death penalty for United States woman

  1. Judge frees child rape prisoner

    United States: The 1993 child rape conviction of a deaf man was overturned in court on Monday.

    Stephen Brodie, 39, spent 10 years in prison despite an absence of physical evidence linking him to the attack.

    He confessed to the unsolved rape of a five-year-old girl following hours of questioning without a signer.

    The trial judge set aside his conviction on the grounds of “actual innocence.”


  2. DNA test clears ex-con of rape

    United States: A man freed earlier this year following a DNA test was declared innocent of rape today by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeal.

    The court ruled that Michael Anthony Green, 44, was innocent of the rape conviction which meant he spent 27 years in jail and that his conviction should be set aside.

    Mr Green was freed in July after the Harris County District Attorney’s Office reopened his case and new DNA tests showed he did not commit the 1983 rape of a woman who had been abducted.


  3. Death drug will remain in use

    UNITED STATES: Oklahoma prison officials will continue using a sedative as part of the state’s three-drug lethal injection protocol despite objections from the drug’s manufacturer, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections said on Thursday.

    Denmark-based Lundbeck which produces the drug pentobarbital has sent a letter asking the states of Oklahoma and Ohio not to use it to put inmates to death.

    But Oklahoma Department of Corrections spokesman Jerry Massie said prison officials had not seen the letter and “don’t anticipate any changes.”


  4. Georgia cancels executions

    US: The state of Georgia cancelled all executions today after federal drug agents impounded its supply of a sedative used in lethal injections.

    The drug has been criticised by lawyers who called the British exporter of the drug a “fly-by-night supplier.”

    Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Chuvalo Truesdell wouldn’t say exactly why Georgia’s supply of sodium thiopental was taken, just that “we had questions about how the drug was imported.”


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