Whinchat and wigeon

Today, again to where the Baillon’s crakes nested lasted year.

Scores of gadwall ducks.

Snipe hiding near the reedbeds close to where the Baillon’s crakes nest used to be.


This is a video about a male and a female whinchat.

In the northern part of the reserve, close to the southern part: a whinchat on the top of a small tree, planted recently. It is a female. Good to see it, as especially many female whinchats die from intensive agriculture. Whinchats prefer poles, fences and small trees to big trees. So, if this bird will come back in later years, it will probably sit somewhere else.

Whinchat photo: here.

In the northern part of the reserve, many lapwings and coots. Grey lag goose. Many black-headed gulls, also herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls. Great cormorants. Jackdaws. About fifteen goldfinches in a willow tree.

In the big canal to the north of the reserve, a juvenile great crested grebe swimming between many motorboats.

A carrion crow on a pole.

Tufted ducks. And a wigeon; my first one this autumn.

Teal. A little grebe.

Two magpies sit down on sheep to eat parasites. The sheep do not seem to mind. Sometimes, both birds on the same sheep.

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