US soldiers’ deaths in Afghanistan rising

This video says about itself:

For weeks Washington has been debating whether to send more troops to Afghanistan. However, veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are calling on lawmakers to rethink policy and their approach to the wars.

The death of nine US soldiers in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan has made 2010 the deadliest year for the US-led occupation forces: here.

Woodward book says aides doubt Obama’s Afghan strategy: here.

CIA’s covert paramilitary operations in Afghanistan revealed: here.

Afghanistan: imperialism’s sham election exposed: here.

Afghanistan’s electoral watchdog said Wednesday it received more than 4,000 complaints of fraud and irregularities, and the main opposition leader alleged evidence of ‘massive fraud’ during the parliamentary elections: here.

Observers Debate Legitimacy of Afghanistan Election Becasue of Serious Fraud: McClatchy Newspapers: here.

The NGO community in Afghanistan has grown into an industry where a large part of aid budgets is spent on security, money gets frittered away on pointless projects: here.

California bishop – Must end war – Afghanistan situation “horrendous”: here.

2 thoughts on “US soldiers’ deaths in Afghanistan rising

  1. Germany swaps jets for troops

    Germany: The Defence Ministry has said that it is withdrawing its six reconnaissance jets from Afghanistan and replacing their crews with 90 troops specialised in training and mentoring Afghan forces.

    The number of German troops who can serve in Afghanistan is capped by parliament at 5,000 and around 4,725 are deployed in the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force.

    The jets were deployed in 2007.

    They will return to Germany in November.


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