Music and poetry at the theatre

On 21 September, there was music and poetry at the theatre.

First, singer-songwriter Frans van Hilten, working under the name Grande-Duchesse.

This video says about itself:

Singer-songwriter Grande-Duchesse (Frans van Hilten) performs his song ‘Quit that man’ at Lokaal Vredebreuk, The Hague, NL, starring Marcel Conté on guitar and Laurens Jonkhof on beatbox.

Conté and Jonkhof played on 21 September as well.

Then, poetry by Martin M Aart de Jong.

Then, poetry by Jaap Montagne, about cars and the Internet.

Then, after a pause, a column by yours truly about political xenophobia.

Then, stand up comedy by Sijmen Groot about Dutch xenophobic politician Rita Verdonk, who lost her seat in parliament after the last election.

Finally, klezmer music by Di Krenitse (the Source in Yiddish language). They are Eva van den Berg and Karel Das, both on violin and vocals; Dorien Hooman on accordeon and vocals; Rob Nederhof on soprano clarinet; and Vera Prijs on bass clarinet.

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