Lesser horseshoe bats in Cornwall

This video from Britain is called Lesser Horseshoe bats at Mount Edgecumbe in Cornwall.

From Wildlife Extra:

Bat cam: get a unique insight into lesser horseshoes

19/09/2010 09:43:04

Remarkable footage of nursing bats

September 2010: A rare species of bat is thriving at a stately home in Torpoint, Cornwall – and a special webcam is capturing them in action.

The lesser horseshoe bats were found during restoration work and Cornwall Environmental Consultants (CEC) were brought in to ensure that the existing bats and maternity roosts at the property were not harmed or disturbed during the project. As part of the process, a ‘Bat Cam’ was installed, giving a unique insight into the bats’ lives at the house.

CEC converted the ‘Crib’ room as an enhanced roost and much to everyone’s delight the bats have taken to their enhanced home, with female bats giving birth to their pups in early July. Numbers of nursing lesser horseshoes have increased from 60 to 110 since the refurbishment and indicate that the mitigation measures provided are to the bats liking.

Nick Butcher, the deputy park manager for Mount Edgcumbe witnessed the actual birth of the pups.

Nick said: ‘We all feel very privileged to have watched these births, especially as very few people have ever seen lesser horseshoes giving birth.’

Bats wintering in Limburg, the Netherlands: here.

Migratory bat on Texel: here.

Migratory bats have smaller brains than their stay-at-home cousins, suggesting they cannot afford the luxury of lugging a large brain on long journeys: here.

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