Peaceful progressives persecuted as ‘terrorists’ in the USA

This video is on spying on peaceful protesters in the USA.

From the blog of John Robbins in the USA:

The Pennsylvania homeland security office is in the news this week, and receiving a heavy dose of well deserved scrutiny. It seems the office has been distributing anti-terrorism bulletins to state police and other public officials. The “terrorist activities” targeted by the bulletins have included such dire threats to public safety as anti-BP candlelight vigils, peaceful demonstrations by anti-war groups, gay and lesbian festivals, a screening of the documentary “Gasland,” and an animal rights protest at a Montgomery County rodeo.

See also here.

The FBI’s War On Democracy — the new film COINTELPRO 101: here.

A report by the Justice Department discloses wide scale illegal spying on political groups, while at the same time clearing the FBI of any deliberate violation of civil liberties: here.

3 thoughts on “Peaceful progressives persecuted as ‘terrorists’ in the USA

  1. The International Action Center condemns the FBI raids on anti-war and solidarity activists homes on Friday, October 24 and supports the right of all social justice activists to defend the rights of workers here at home and to be in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world resisting occupation and military dictatorship. The IAC urges full support of the activists targeted by the FBI and wide distribution of the statement below issued by activists targeted in the raids.

    In solidarity,
    Sara Flounders, Co-director, International Action Center

    For Immediate Release

    24 September 2010

    Contact: Tom Burke, 773-844-3612

    Steff Yorek, 612-865-8234

    Activists Denounce FBI Raids on Anti-war and Solidarity Activists Homes

    Subpoenas, Searches, and FBI visits carried out in cities across the country.

    We denounce the Federal Bureau of Investigation harassment of anti-war and solidarity activists in several states across the country. The FBI began turning over six houses in Chicago and Minneapolis this morning, Friday, October 24, 2010, at 8:00 am central time. The FBI handed subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury to about a dozen activists in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. They also attempted to intimidate activists in California and North Carolina.

    “The government hopes to use a grand jury to frame up activists. The goal of these raids is to harass and try to intimidate the movement against U.S. wars and occupations, and those who oppose U.S. support for repressive regimes,” said Colombia solidarity activist Tom Burke, one of those handed a subpoena by the FBI. “They are designed to suppress dissent and free speech, to divide the peace movement, and to pave the way for more U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and Latin America.”

    This suppression of democratic rights is aimed towards those who dedicate much of their time and energy to supporting the struggles of the Palestinian and Colombian peoples against U.S. funded occupation and war. The activists are involved with well-known anti-war groups including many of the leaders of the huge protest against the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN in September 2008. The FBI agents emphasized that the grand jury was going to investigate the activists for possible terrorism charges. This is a U.S. government attempt to silence those who support resistance to oppression in the Middle East and Latin America.

    The activists involved have done nothing wrong and are refusing to be pulled into conversations with the FBI about their political views or organizing against war and occupation. The activists are involved with many groups, including: the Palestine Solidarity Group, Students for a Democratic Society, the Twin-Cities Anti-War Committee, the Colombia Action Network, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera (a Colombian Political Prisoner).

    Steff Yorek, a long-time antiwar activist and one of the activists whose homes was searched, called the raids “An outrageous fishing expedition.”

    We urge all progressive activists to show solidarity with those individuals targeted by the U.S. Government. Activists have the right not to speak with the FBI and are encouraged to politely refuse, just say “No”.

    Please contact or if you would like to provide support to the targeted activists.


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