Corporate disaster in San Bruno, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

15 September 2010

San Bruno residents spoke out on the massive gas blast and fire that killed and injured residents as well as destroying many homes. IBEW 617 retired electrician Fred Nesbitt declared it was “corporate profits before people”.

PG&E president Chris Johns and PG&E staff are declaring that they have no records of any residents calling about a gas leak prior to the deadly explosion despite the reports of many residents of calling PG&E and PG&E workers testing in the area for gas.

For more information go to PG&E Whistleblower:

PG&E Whistleblower: The Bigger the Money, the Bigger the Cover-Up

PG&E worker reveals serious safety problems – IBEW 1245 Worker Speaks Out

USA: The California utility that operates the pipeline that exploded in San Bruno last week killing at least seven people, failed to perform a scheduled replacement on a near-by pipe or install automatic shut-off valves: here.

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