Save tigers

This video is called Tigers are in Peril! Will you help save them?

See also here. And here.

October 2010: A new peer-reviewed paper by the Wildlife Conservation Society and other groups reveals an ominous finding: most of the world’s last remaining tigers – long decimated by overhunting, logging, and wildlife trade – are now clustered in just six per cent of their available habitat, according to a report by the Wildlife Conservation Society: here.

Live tiger found in luggage. Sedated cub was being smuggled with decoy tiger toys: here.

Eight tiger skeletons amongst wildlife haul seized in Vietnam: here.

Tiger population discovered above 11,000ft in Bhutan mountains: here.

October 2010: In August, Burma proudly announced that Kachin state’s remote Hukawng Valley, in its entirety, would be designated as a Protected Tiger Area – a declaration welcomed by environmentalists trying to conserve the remaining 3,200 tigers that live in the wild. But now, a report and video released by a network of civil society groups and development organisations in Kachin state shows that a powerful Burmese tycoons is clearing swathes of forests across the reserve to create sugar and tapioca plantations and to plant jatropha for biofuel: here.

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