Coca-Cola workers on strike

This video from Canada says about itself:

The Drink of the Death Squads

Choir performance at a transit station in Vancouver of a song by David Rovics, in front of Coke [Coca-Cola] advertising, just before transit police arrive.

Coke is an official sponsor of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver beginning Feb. 12.

England: Workers at a Coca-Cola factory in north London have begun the first of a series of two-day strikes over pay: here. And here.

Coca-Cola workers across Europe staged a day of action today against their employer’s attacks on pay and plans to axe over 400 jobs: here.

Advert for Coca-Cola Vitamin Water ‘misled public’: here.

USA: Progressive Movement Compels Coca-Cola to Pull Support From ALEC Over Voter Suppression Efforts: here.

The Battle Over Killer Coke and Coca Leafs in Bolivia: here.

Spanish miners on strike: here.

The Spanish General Workers Union has warned that its coalminer members will strike following the failure of talks with the government to resolve a dispute over aid to their beleaguered industry and unpaid wages: here.

7 thoughts on “Coca-Cola workers on strike

  1. Ban on ‘vitamin’ water adverts

    HEALTH: An ad for Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water has been banned for claiming that the drink is “nutritious” while containing up to five teaspoons of sugar, watchdog ASA said today.

    Three people complained that the poster for Vitamin Water was misleading for using the word “nutritious” in the catchline.

    ASA said it considered that consumers would understand the word “nutritious” as a claim that Vitamin Water contained added ingredients that were needed by the body in order to stay healthy.


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