Saudi Arabia billion dollar arms deal

These two videos say about themselves:

Inside Story looks at the allegations surrounding an arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE Systems, said to be the biggest arms deal in history.

USA: The Obama administration is seeking a go-ahead from Congress to sell up to $60 billion (£39bn) worth of sophisticated warplanes to Saudi Arabia and could add another $30bn (£19.5bn) worth of naval arms in a deal designed to counter the rise of Iran as a regional power: here.

US Still Top Arms Supplier to South as Record Sale to Saudis Pends: here.

Obama Dismisses Iran War Prospects, Overrules Clinton: here.

Calls for Saudi Arabia to halt execution of domestic worker: here.

Britain: Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) demanded Prince Andrew‘s resignation as a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) ambassador today after he slammed a Serious Fraud Office investigation into arms giant BAE Systems: here.

Anti-arms and corruption campaigners have announced their intention to challenge what they describe as the “blanket immunity” granted to BAE systems by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in a controversial plea bargain last year: here.

9 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia billion dollar arms deal

  1. Royal arms deal mess

    Prince Andrew’s comment that the Serious Fraud Squad investigation into the corruption surrounding BAE arms sales to Saudi Arabia was “idiocy” throws a spotlight on the murky world of British arms dealings, and the corruption of many royals.

    The investigation was into allegations that BAE had paid in excess of one billion pounds to senior Saudi officials for buying British jet fighters.

    But the inquiry was cancelled by “peace envoy” Tony Blair under pressure from the Saudi government.

    We are told that many of the royals act as “ambassadors” for Britain around the world, but exactly what are they selling?

    Mark Holt, Chair, Merseyside Stop the War Coalition


  2. Bangalore hosts arms bazaar

    India: Over 300 arms merchants are hawking their wares in a Bangalore air show, hoping to capture a share of the £6.2 billion that the government is planning to spend on fighter jets and other weapons.

    India’s Defence Minister AK Antony inaugurated the air show today saying that “developments” – a reference to the US-led war in Afghanistan and its expansion into Pakistan – posed a security challenge and the armed forces needed modernising.

    New Delhi is expected to spend £50 billion between 2012 and 2022 to upgrade its military.


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