Japan-China conflict about islands

Diaoyu islands

Sharp diplomatic exchanges have erupted between Japan and China after two Japanese Coast Guard vessels reportedly collided with a Chinese fishing trawler in the waters off the disputed Diaoyu Islands last week: here.

Japan and China are both taking a hard-line stance in the diplomatic row that has erupted over Japan’s detention of a Chinese trawler captain in disputed waters in the East China Sea: here.

Japan releases trawler captain after China threatens economic war: here.

In the midst of the Senkaku/Diaoyu dispute with China, the Japanese government announced that it was registering another 280 remote islands as state property: here.

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38 thoughts on “Japan-China conflict about islands

  1. Top capitalist set to join CPC ranks

    CHINA: The richest man in the country is poised to become the first capitalist to join the central committee of the governing Communist Party, according to media reports at the weekend.

    The Guangzhou-based Time Weekly newspaper reported that the organisation department of the party’s leading body had completed its evaluation of Sany group chairman Liang Wengen, who has an estimated fortune of £6.4 billion.

    Fan Jinggang, founder of the popular left-wing Utopia website, claimed the reports showed that “private capitalism is penetrating the power base of our socialist country.”



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