Fungi and chiffchaff

This video from Britain is called The Chiffchaff and its song.

Today, in the street just south of the nature reserve, a chiffchaff singing. Its last song before its autumn migration to North Africa?

Near the small pond in the forest, nuthatch sounds.

Past that pond, the big tree, like last year, has giant polypore at its base and porcelain fungus higher up.

The sulphur tufts by now look very old and disheveled. When I saw them here on 28 August, they were still small. So in this case, a lifespan of about 16 days.

The beefsteak fungus also looks old, but 16 days ago it was not quite so young already; so, probably this species lives a bit longer than sulphur tufts.

Jay, ring-necked parakeet, green woodpecker sounds.

Near the north end of the castle pond, where one usually sees just mallards, today a male and a female gadwall.

Many mushrooms, including European blusher.

Bearded tooth fungus

Near the exit, like in earlier years, the bearded tooth fungus high up a tree. At about one week old, it is pale orange in colour.

Clathrus ruber fungus in Avifauna, Alphen, the Netherlands: here. See also here. And here. And here.

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