Union-busting causes Honeywell nuclear explosion

This video from the USA says about itself:

27 September 2010

This is a must see video message. The USW Local 7-669 have been Lockout by the Honeywell Industry that are located in Metropolis ILL. The Workers have been Lockout since June28, 2010. They have been replaced by Scab Workers that are being bused in everyday to replace workers that have worked and lived in the community. Please Support USW 7-669

Another video, which used to be on the Internet, used to say:

Scabs & Uranium Don’t Mix-USW 7-669 Honeywell Metropolis, Illinois Locked Out Workers Speak-Out

30 USW 7-669 Honeywell Metropolis, Illinois nuclear process plant workers have been locked out by multi-national corporation Honeywell since June 28, 2010. USW 7-669 locked out members Stephen Lech and James Childers discuss the conspiracy by the company to destroy the union and threaten not only the workers but the health and safety of the community. They also discuss the use of communication media and technology on how they are fighting back. This presentation took place at the 2010 LaborTech conference in San Francisco on December 1, 2010. To get more information on the locked out workers go to www.usw7-669.com. LaborTech is at www.labortech.net

US trade unionists have revealed that an explosion has rocked a Honeywell nuclear plant in Illinois which is being staffed by strikebreakers.

Trade unionists who have been locked out of the US’s only uranium conversion facility in Metropolis, Illinois, for almost a year used their proxy shares to confront senior managers at a Honeywell shareholders meeting on Tuesday: here.

The US nuclear industry and the Obama administration are pressing the Indian government to amend or circumvent the controversial Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage law that was passed by India’s parliament in late August: here.

2 thoughts on “Union-busting causes Honeywell nuclear explosion

  1. Germans ‘against power plant plans’

    Germany: A new poll has found that a majority of Germans oppose government plans to put off a shutdown of the country’s nuclear power plants by an average 12 years.

    The ZDF television poll released on Friday found that 61 per cent opposed the plan announced earlier this week to undo a previous government’s decision to shut down all German nuclear plants by 2021.



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