Quran burning plan on, off, on?

This video from the USA is called BURN A QURAN (A Terry Jones/Fred Phelps MOCK Ad by DC Douglas).

From British daily The Guardian:

The Florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the Qur’an suspended the plan last night in the face of condemnation by Barack Obama, the Pentagon, the state department and international outrage.

Although he had initially announced that the bookburning was cancelled, he later said the plan was only “suspended” because he was “lied to” over a deal to call off the event in exchange for a promise to move a planned Islamic centre away from New York’s Ground Zero.

Terry Jones, who heads the Dove World Outreach Centre church in Gainesville, Florida, claimed he was not bowing to the pressure from the White House and abroad but had taken the decision because of the agreement. However, it emerged last night that Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, had phoned Jones and asked him not carry out his threat.

Jones also claimed he was planning to fly to New York to discuss the proposed cultural centre’s new location with the New York imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

But the imam, in a statement issued last night, said he had not spoken to Jones.

“I am glad that Pastor Jones has decided not to burn any Qur’ans. However, I have not spoken to Pastor Jones,” he said. “I am surprised by their announcement. We are not going to toy with our religion or any other. Nor are we going to barter.”

There was a collective sigh of relief worldwide as Jones announced at a press conference that he was dropping his plan to set fire to 20 copies of the Qur’an. The burning had been planned to coincide with the ninth anniversary tomorrow of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Interpol, the Pentagon and others warned that such an act would provoke violent acts around the world by outraged Muslims. There were protests in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries yesterday at the proposed burning.

As tensions mounted, claims emerged from Germany that Jones was dismissed from a church he founded there after accusations that he mistreated his followers.

“Understanding Islam”: a very welcome new initiative from the Coexist Foundation: here.

12 thoughts on “Quran burning plan on, off, on?

  1. Emergency Mobilization Against Racism and Anti-Islamic Bigotry
    Say NO to Racism and anti-Islamic Bigotry
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    Thursday afternoon the top media story was racist Pastor Terry Jones in Gainesville, Florida announcing that he was cancelling his planned 9/11 Quran burning. This came after heavy pressure from the White House and Pentagon fearful of the response in the Muslim world. It is also a grassroots victory based on the mass mobilization against this ugly threat taken on in Gainesville, Florida by the local Students for a Democratic Society – SDS.

    Jones claimed to have an agreement from the organizers of the Park51 Islamic Community Center to move the center. This was soon exposed as a lie.
    We can be certain that pressure will continue on the Islamic Community Center to move, both from openly racist media, politicians and Tea Party types, as well as from White House and Pentagon figures trying to defuse an explosive situation.

    And we can also be certain that the media will continue to ask organizers of the Unity Against Racism Rally, “Why not postpone your rally in case this can all be worked out? Why are you still marching?”
    We ask, in turn:

    * Have the racists and anti-Muslim bigots called off their 9/11 hatefest? The opposition to this bigotry, and a call for unity, equal rights and solidarity with Muslims was always the motivation behind the Unity Rally on September 11.
    * Have the racists agreed to stop their nationwide campaign of mosque desecration and vandalism, of shooting, physical attacks, and harassment of worshippers, of trying to ban construction of new mosques and community centers?
    * Have the media and politicians agreed to stop their campaign of lies against Islam, claiming it is not deserving of the respect shown other religions?
    * Have those saying the Park51 location is “insensitive” changed their view that Islam is a second-class religion which somehow besmirches “sacred ground”?
    * Have the White House and Pentagon agreed to call off their murders of people in predominantly Muslim countries, via war, drone attacks and assassinations? Have they agreed to free those illegally detained, abused, and tortured in Guantanamo and elsewhere? Are they withdrawing their “security-secrets” rationale for denying Muslim victims of torture the right to sue to expose and seek redress for their ill-treatment? Is it stopping FBI infiltration of mosques and harassment and intimidation of worshippers? Is the Justice Department ending its campaign of “preemptive prosecutions” of Muslims?

    Unfortunately, we must answer NO to all of the above questions. And, therefore, we say in the spirit of unity, equal rights and solidarity:


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    Partial list of endorsers:

    Al-Awda NY Palestine Right To Return Coalition
    American Muslims For Palestine
    Arab Muslim American Federation-AMAF
    Bail Out The People Movement
    BAYAN USA-Philippine American Alliance
    Bethlehem Neighbor for Peace, Albany, NY
    Black Workers For Justice
    Bronx Greens
    CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities
    Casa Esperanza, Plainfield, NJ
    Catholic Scholars For Worker Justice, White Plains, NY
    Creative Nonviolent Resistance Against Injustice, Wyckoff, NJ
    Dec. 12 Movement
    Defenders For Freedom, Justice & Equality, VA
    Democratic Labor Party, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Drum-Desis Rising Up & Moving
    Families United For Justice In America-FUJA
    Fight Imperialism Stand Together-FIST
    Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
    Freedom Road Socialist Organization
    Gabriela USA
    Green Party Power to the People, New York, NY
    Guyanese American Workers United
    In the Name of Humanity
    International Action Center
    International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
    Islamic Leadership Council of New York
    Jersey City Peace Movement
    Labor for Palestine
    Los Angeles Latino Muslims Association
    Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
    Masjid As-Salam, Albany, NY
    May 1 Workers And Immigrant Rights Coalition
    Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice
    Million Worker March Movement
    Millions For Mumia
    MN Anti War Committee
    Moratorium Now Coalition To Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs
    Muslim Solidarity Committee
    Muslim Voters of America
    New York City Labor Against the War
    National Assembly
    Nodutdol For Korean Community Development
    North East Peace And Justice Action Coalition
    NYC Coalition to Stop Islamaphobia
    NYC Jericho Movement
    Pakistan USA Freedom Forum
    Pan Africa News Wire
    Peoples Organization For Progress
    Project Salam , Albany, NY
    Queers For Economic Justice
    Radical Women, Harlem, NY
    Senegalese Workers Association
    Socialist Action
    South Bronx Community Congress
    Stonewall Warriors
    Take Back WBAI Coalition
    The Peace Thru Justice Foundation
    U.S. Palestinian Community Network, NY
    WESPAC Foundation
    Women In Black, Westchester, NY
    Women’s Fightback Network
    Workers World Party
    World Can’t Wait

    Cynthia McKinney
    Edward Childs, Chief Steward, Unite-Here Local 26*, Somerville, MA
    Colia Clark, Candidate US Senate- New York, Green Party Power to the People
    Ramsey Clark
    Dr. Joseph J. Fahey, Chair, Catholic Scholars For Worker Justice, White Plains, NY
    Steve Gillis, Vice President, USW Local 8751*, Boston, MA
    Basem Khader, Peace and Justice activist, Chappaqua, NY
    Imam Ashrafuz Zaman Khan, President, North American Imams Federation – NAIF*
    Rahman Khan, Chairman , Muslim Voters of America
    Michael Kuzma, Democratic candidate, NYS Senate, 58th District, Buffalo, NY
    Angaza Laughinghouse, President, UE Local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union*
    Bishop Filipe Teixeira, OFSCP, Diocese of St. Francis of Assisi, CCA*
    Dom Tuminaro, Professor, PSC-CUNY-AFT, AFL-CIO*, New York, NY
    Fatema Zohny, Educator/Social Activist, Cornerstone Academy For Social Action*, New York, NY
    *=For purposes of identification only
    for full list see iacenter.org/muslimsolidarity


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