Los Angeles protests against Guatemalan worker’s death

This series of two videos from the USA says about itself:

Rampart Police murder Manuel Jamines, The community Rebels

Manuel Jamines, 37 year old indigenous man from Guatemala, murdered by Rampart police September 5, 2010.

Protests continued outside a Los Angeles police station for the second consecutive night on Tuesday over an officer’s fatal shooting of a migrant worker from Guatemala: here.

Officer Frank Hernandez Had Been Involved In Previous Shootings Before Manuel Jamines Incident: here.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has jumped to defend as “heroes” officers who shot an immigrant worker on Sunday. Meanwhile, opposition and anger among residents erupted at a mass meeting on Wednesday: here.

Protesters gathered in Los Angeles on Saturday near the spot where a police officer shot a Guatemalan casual worker on September 5: here.

The exposure of a 64-year-old secret study conducted in Guatemala on human subjects by the US Public Health Service has created an international uproar, forcing the US government to issue a belated apology: here.

Guatemala to Investigate Human Experimentation by U.S. Doctors: here.

US Infected Guatemalans With Syphilis in 1940s, Obama Orders Commission: here.

As a volunteer with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, I combined my love for coffee with my interest in environmental work as a Patagonia employee. In March 2011, I visited Finca Nueva Armenia, a bird-friendly coffee plantation in Guatemala, to document the environmental practices of this farm: here.

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles protests against Guatemalan worker’s death

  1. President rules out death penalty

    GUATEMALA: President Alvaro Colom has vetoed legislation that would have reinstated capital punishment while at the same time giving the president the power to commute death penalty sentences.

    Mr Colom vetoed a similar law two years ago.

    Nineteen Guatemalan prisoners have been held in death row limbo since the country’s high court suspended executions in 2002.



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