New elections in Moldova

This video from May this year is called Communist manifestation in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Moldova‘s pro-Western [government] coalition prepared for new elections yesterday after less than a third of the electorate turned out for a referendum on its plan for constitutional change, rendering the plebiscite invalid: here.

Update October 2010: here.

1 thought on “New elections in Moldova

  1. Pro-EU alliance plan for future

    Moldova: Moldova’s pro-European Union alliance, which won most seats in parliamentary elections but not enough to elect a president, met last night to discuss the future of the alliance.

    The three-party Alliance for European Integration won 59 seats and the opposition Communists won 42 in Sunday’s elections, but 60 per cent of the 101-seat legislature – a minimum of 61 votes – is needed to elect a president.

    Liberal Democratic Party deputy chairman Mihai Godel said today that he did not see “why we can’t continue in the same formula,” especially as the alliance won more votes than in June 2009 elections.


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