Los Angeles police kill Guatemalan worker

This video from the USA says about itself:

LAPD Shoot Homeless Man

31 October 2008

Community aftermath of controversial shooting in Downtown Los Angeles on October 28, 2008. [Video shot by C. Porter]

From the Los Angeles Daily News in the USA:

Dozens protest fatal police shooting near MacArthur Park

Daily News Wire Services
Posted: 09/06/2010 07:03:40 PM PDT
Updated: 09/06/2010 07:09:44 PM PDT

Dozens of people protesting the fatal shooting by police of a man near MacArthur Park marched to the LAPD Rampart station today, prompting a police modified tactical alert and the closure of Sixth Street, police said.

Manuel Jamines, 37, a Guatemalan construction worker and father of three, was allegedly drunk and threatening passersby about 1 p.m. Sunday near Union Avenue and Sixth Street.

He allegedly ignored orders by Los Angeles police bicycle officers to drop the weapon

a knife according to the police. Protesters said he did not have a knife.

and instead lunged at them, prompting one of the officers to shoot him, police said.

Protesters said Jamines was drunk but not dangerous, and the shooting was unjustified.

Police said there were fewer than 50 protesters, but television reports indicated that hundreds in the heavily Guatemalan neighborhood were upset about the shooting.

“They’re becoming like military people,” said Albert Villa.

Another woman said that, “This murder was an outrage. He was drunk, that was it. That’s no reason for police to kill him.”

Protesters asked why police didn’t use a non-lethal weapon to restrain the suspect.

The protesters marched back and forth between the shooting scene and the LAPD Rampart Station, about 10 minutes away, shouting “assassin” in Spanish.

Police in riot gear monitored the protest and closed off Sixth Street. They also went on modified tactical alert in case the demonstration turned violent.

Area resident Kelly Flor, who identified herself as a community activist, told NBC4 that Jamines did not speak English.

“He could not speak English, so he could not understand what the officer was saying, and after that the officer proceeded in shooting him twice in the head,” she said.

[Police officer] Neiman said there was already friction between neighborhood residents and Rampart station officers, who have been cracking down on “illegal street-vending.”

After the shooting, a crowd gathered around the body, which was covered with a white sheet.

“Assassin, assassin. You will pay for this,” someone shouted in Spanish at police.

Neiman said the shooting was under investigation, and witnesses were urged to contact the LAPD’s Force Investigation unit at 213-486-5200.

See also here.

Eyewitnesses report that the worker, Manuel Jamines, was unarmed when he was shot and killed by police. Protests were met by a sharp police response, including the arrest of four individuals: here.

The Police Murder of deaf Native American John T. Williams: here.

USA: Why Becoming a Legal Immigrant Is Next to Impossible: here.

Guatemala struggles to recover: Rescue teams struggle to cope with the recovery of the bodies buried under the mud: here.

Anti-union violence in Guatemala is escalating. On May 26, Idar Joel Hernandez Godoy, finance secretary of the IUF-affiliated banana workers union SITRABI, was shot dead by a gunman on motorcycle while driving through the village of Cristina to the union headquarters in the town of Morales: here.

4 thoughts on “Los Angeles police kill Guatemalan worker

  1. US apologies for STD experiments on Guatamalans

    “President Barack Obama personally apologised on Friday to his Guatemalan counterpart for a US-led study conducted in the 1940s, in which hundreds of people in the Latin American state were deliberately infected with sexually-transmitted diseases.

    “In a phone conversation with Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom, Obama expressed his deep regret for the experiment conducted by US public health researchers in Guatemala between 1946 and 1948, and apologised ‘to all those affected’ ….

    “In an impromptu news conference in Guatemala on Friday, Colom denounced the study as ‘a crime against humanity’, and said he had learned of the gruesome years-long experiment in the phone call from [US Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton …

    “The study, which was never published, came to light this year after Wellesley College professor Susan Reverby stumbled upon archived documents outlining the 1940s experiment led by controversial US public health doctor John Cutler.”

    — October 2 AFP article.


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