Racist murders Slovak Roma family


This video from the Czech republic says about itself:

Litvínov, Czech Republic. 3 May 2009 About two hundred people gathered at the Peace Square Litvínov to condemn the act in which arsonist torched the houses of Roma families which left a Roma baby fighting for life. Rallies were held across the Czech Republic on Sunday in a show of strength by the country’s Roma community against extremism, two weeks after an arson attack left a Roma baby fighting for life.

Similar protests were held in 13 other towns and cities including Usti nad Labem, where neo-Nazis staged a march two weeks ago, and Chomutov, whose town hall seizes benefits from Roma defaulting on rents. When the speaker in Prague said the Roma rallying in Chomutov had been attacked by Neo-Nazi extremists throwing firecrackers, the crowd chanted: “This is our home too,” “Murderers” and “Shame on you.”

The Prague rally was attended by several politicians including Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, but their presence failed to silence criticism that the government had been slow to react. “If the family were white, politicians would have acted at once,” said Hlavacova.

The recent shooting of a Roma family in Slovakia is a product of the racial prejudice sanctioned by the Slovak state: here.

Opposition politicians have rounded on Hungary‘s populist Jobbik party following its proposal to force the country’s Roma minority into concentration camps – a plan labelled a “National Socialist agenda” by critics: here.

Bulldozers started demolishing Roma homes on the outskirts of Rome on Thursday: here.

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