Pentagon taxpayer-paid Afghan war propaganda

This video from the USA says about itself:

2 September 2010

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General Petraeus’ media blitz is only the tip of the iceberg in the Pentagon’s effort to sell war to the American people. The Defense Department has a budget of more than $500 million for public relations efforts directed at U.S. citizens, a slice of a much larger information operations effort to influence public opinion. But no matter how much they spend on P.R. and information operations, the facts on the ground show that the Afghanistan War isn’t making us safer, and it’s not worth the costs.

Join us as we fight back against the spin.

Tom on the military’s media megaphone: here.

Billion Dollar Audit Missed by Pentagon Watchdog: here.

With another 26 soldiers killed since last Saturday, 2010 has already become the most deadly year for US troops since the US launched the Afghanistan war nearly nine years ago: here.

Around 500 citizens have rallied in central Kabul to demand the withdrawal of foreign troops from their country, chanting: “Long live Islam” and “Death to America”: here.

Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of cases of child pornography: here.

Female MP, Malalai Joya, takes on Afghan patriarchy: here.

Afghanistan: US hasn’t liberated us, say women: here.

Security in Afghanistan: German States Grow Skeptical of Sending Police Trainers: here.

Afghan foreign troops death toll hits 500 for 2010: here.

Afghan journalist stabbed to death in Kabul-palace: here.

Afghan central bank problems: here.

War And Corruption Are Swelling The Ranks Of Street Kids In Afghanistan: here.

Japanese journalist says Afghan kidnappers were not Taliban but corrupt Afghan soldiers: AFP: here.

4 thoughts on “Pentagon taxpayer-paid Afghan war propaganda

  1. Denmark rejects NATO request for F-16s

    August 27, 2010


    Denmark has turned down a NATO request to send F-16 fighters to Afghanistan as it believes it has done enough for the international military mission there, the foreign minister said Thursday.

    “We are one of the countries that contributes the most to Afghanistan,” Foreign Minister Lene Espersen told the media after a meeting of parliament’s foreign affairs committee.

    “This is why we rejected the NATO request” which was also made to other member countries, she said.

    Espersen said the committee “has a strong desire to scale down (Denmark’s military) engagement” in Afghanistan as the Danish defence budget was “under pressure” and the government “is under no obligation to do more” there.

    Denmark “can be proud” of its role in Afghanistan, she said, adding that “it’s up to other countries to play a role and meet (NATO’s) demands”.

    The F-16 requested by NATO is a multi-role fighter aircraft that is seen as highly maneuverable.

    Denmark has 750 troops in Afghanistan serving in the NATO-led ISAF force, mainly in the violence-torn Helmand province, and proportionally has suffered the heaviest losses of any ISAF nation with 34 combat deaths while two more soldiers died in other circumstances.

    It hopes to withdraw all its combat troops from Afghanistan by 2015, Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen has said.

    NATO including the United States has 141,000 troops in the country, with numbers set to peak at 150,000 in coming weeks as efforts escalate to quell the Taliban insurgency, which began after US-led forces brought down their government for sheltering al-Qaeda leaders following the September 11 attacks in 2001.

    Most of those deployed under a 30,000-strong troop surge ordered by US President Barack Obama are heading to Kandahar and Helmand provinces in the south, though others are going north to reinforce small bases run by NATO allies.

    © 2010 AFP


  2. Game’s up for the Tories

    It was laughable to hear defence secretary Liam Fox calling for the Medal Of Honour computer game to be banned.

    Apparently, players can choose to be the Taliban and mount attacks on British soldiers.

    No doubt he saw the story as a convenient distraction from the question as to why our troops are still fighting for a worthless cause at the behest of politicians.

    If Mr Fox is so concerned about the feelings of the families of our troops then he should bring them home from Afghanistan.

    Dan Factor, East London


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