10 thoughts on “NATO kills 10 Afghan election campaigners

  1. Prominent Uzbek Rights Activist’s Son Injured In Knife Attack

    September 08, 2010

    TASHKENT — A prominent Uzbek rights activist says her son has been injured in a knife attack in the capital, Tashkent, RFE/RL’s Uzbek Service reports.

    Vasila Inoyatova, the chairwoman of the human rights organization Ezgulik (Mercy), told RFE/RL that the incident took place on September 7 afternoon when she and her son, Jamshid Inoyatov, were driving to the Justice Ministry.

    Inoyatova said another vehicle forced her car to pull over and an older man got out of the other car and began insulting her and her son. When her son replied to him, he pulled a knife and stabbed Jamshid in the hand, she said.

    Inoyatova said there was a police car parked 20 meters from the incident, but no one came to help her or her son. She said her son had undergone surgery in a hospital due to the wound.

    Inoyatova gave the license plate number of the attacker’s car to police. She later received a phone call from police who informed her that the car had been located and the owner detained. The police asked her to come today to see if she can identify the suspect in a police line-up.

    Inoyatova added that she does not exclude the possibility that the attack was planned and connected with her human rights activities. Her son also works for Ezgulik as a lawyer and accountant.



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