More flooding in Pakistan

This video is called Fortitude amid Pakistan disaster.

Hundreds of thousands of people fled their homes in the southern Pakistani province of Sindh over the past few days as flood waters threatened cities and towns: here.

The UN World Food Programme and UN Children’s Fund have warned that the floods ravaging Pakistan will exacerbate child hunger and malnutrition. This is in a country where millions of children already suffered from acute malnutrition or stunting: here.

As Pakistan floods continue moving south, calls for debt cancellation grow: here.

PAKISTAN: Floods Leave Afghan Refugees Down and Out: here.

Callously exploiting the humanitarian disaster caused by six weeks of flooding, the International Monetary Fund is spurning Pakistan’s pleas for the release of funds under a 2008 loan agreement until Islamabad implements policy changes that will punish the country’s impoverished toilers: here.

Seven weeks after catastrophic floods first hit Pakistan, the government has done next to nothing to provide relief to the 20 million flood-affected. Instead, the various political parties have descended into bickering, as they try to shift blame for the disaster onto their rivals: here.

China has indignantly dismissed claims that troops of the People’s Liberation Army are operating in a disputed area of Pakistan: here.

1 thought on “More flooding in Pakistan

  1. Pakistan given flood aid warning

    Pakistan: US special envoy to Pakistan Richard Holbrooke has said that the international community will only be able to pay for around 25 per cent of the tens of billions of dollars Pakistan will need to rebuild after the floods.

    Mr Holbrooke said that the US Congress may be unwilling to contribute reconstruction funds if Pakistan does not start collecting more taxes from its citizens.

    The country is reeling from floods that have made around eight million people homeless.


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