Salmonella eggs cartoon

Salmonella egg scandal in the USA, cartoon

This cartoon about the salmonella egg scandal in the USA is by Stephanie McMillan.

Sick from recalled eggs? Egg industry says it’s your fault: here.

US salmonella scare: farm inspections reveal manure, mice and maggots: here.

Government inspectors have found deplorable conditions at the two Iowa egg farms at the center of a salmonella outbreak that has sickened thousands in the US in recent months: here.

Salmonella at Egg Farm Is Traced to 2008: here.

US company that sickened thousands knew eggs carried Salmonella: here.

Food Inc., now out in DVD, is a damning indictment of the inability of the profit system to provide safe and healthy food for everyone. Its political conclusions are terribly weak: here.

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