Ancient amphibian discovery in Newfoundland

This video says about itself:

Psaronius tree fern. 307 million years old. Video of fossilized rock recovered from pit 6.

From CBC in Canada:

N.L. fossil suggests giant amphibian

Last Updated: Sunday, August 29, 2010 | 1:42 PM NT

A fossil found in the Codroy Valley on Newfoundland‘s west coast could provide evidence that giant amphibians called the area home about 300 million years ago.

This spring, a student at Memorial University in St. John’s found what she thought was a piece of fossilized wood.

Liam Herringshaw, a professor of earth sciences at the university, says the fossil turned out to be a fossil bone, likely from a giant amphibian.

Herringshaw said nothing like it had been found in this province before.

“It was a pretty surprising moment because we’ve found lots of fossil plants, before but this is undoubtedly a bone and it’s a large bone. It’s about 12 to 15 centimetres long,” he said.

According to Herringshaw, much of Newfoundland’s western coastline is the same age as the fossil and there’s a chance more discoveries may be made in the area.

How Plants Drove First Animals Onto Land: here.

Ophiderpeton was a very ancient amphibian which lived in the Carboniferous, about 330-320 million years ago, in the wide swamps of what are today North America and Western Europe. Its very long body without limbs made it very similar to a small snake or an eel; this unusual feature was common to all the members of its group, the Aistopods, whose branch diverged very soon from the main stem of amphibians, but without a further evolution after the Carboniferous and the early Permian.

The fossilized remains of a groundhog’s kind of quarters has now been tracked back to an amphibian that lived a whopping 350 million years ago: here.

A new trematopid amphibian, Acheloma dunni, is reported based on excellently preserved cranial and postcranial elements recovered from the Lower Permian fissure fill deposits of the Dolese Brothers Co. limestone quarry near Richards Spur, Oklahoma: here.

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