South Korean Rightist government scandals

Samsung Investigated for Corruption from NTDTV on Vimeo.

Apparently, the right wing government in South Korea is in trouble.

From the New York Times in the USA:

S. Korea Premier-designate Quits


Published: August 29, 2010

SEOUL — Prime Minister-designate Kim Tae-ho of South Korea resigned on Sunday amid allegations that he lied about his connections with a businessman convicted of bribery.

Two other allies of President Lee Myung-bak, who were appointed as culture minister and minister of knowledge economy in a government reshuffle on Aug. 8, also stepped down on Sunday. During their parliamentary confirmation hearings earlier this month, opposition lawmakers assailed them with allegations of unethical behavior.

The three nominees’ resignations cast doubt on President Lee’s ability to vet the background of his political allies. They also served as yet another reminder of how widespread unethical behavior remained among the country’s power elite. …

The post of prime minister in South Korea is largely ceremonial. But Mr. Kim, who at 48 was the youngest prime minister-designate in four decades, has been touted as a new-generation leader who would strengthen the Lee government’s communications with young South Koreans. The reshuffle followed the ruling party’s crushing defeat in June’s local elections.

Once a parliamentary hearing began, opposition lawmakers buffeted Mr. Kim with allegations of tax evasion, bribery and shady financial transactions. His frequent change of words only fueled the opposition broadside.

Mr. Kim had claimed to have little personal ties with Park Yeon-cha, a businessman convicted of bribery last year. But an old newspaper photo emerged over the weekend, showing him holding hands with Mr. Park in a provincial event.

Shin Jae-min, culture minister-designate, apologized for having registered his family in a Seoul metropolitan district while in reality living in another. The practice, known as “a camouflaged move-in,” is widespread among South Koreans, especially the rich, who often use it for real-estate speculation or to help their children enroll in good schools. …

Lee Jae-hoon, designated as minister of knowledge economy, was accused of investing in a city flophouse building as real estate speculation.

South Koreans consider it deeply unethical for senior government officials to engage in real-estate speculation, which is considered a culprit for pushing up housing prices. For decades, the government has vowed to arrest rising real-estate prices. Owning a house remains a distant dream for many wage-earners.

Over the years, many political appointees have failed to pass parliamentary confirmation hearings when their real-estate speculation and “camouflaged move-in” were unveiled.

Over 1,000 South Koreans have rallied in Seoul on the 100th anniversary of Tokyo’s annexation of the Korean peninsula, calling for a more sincere apology and reparations for war crimes: here.

US government documents have confirmed that Washington repeatedly planned and threatened to unleash a nuclear holocaust on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea over the last six decades: here.

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