BP oil still killing animals

This video is called BP Parody: Press Conference Ends Awkwardly.

NRDC’s OnEarth Magazine highlights how the oil spill threatens billions of birds: here.

Not over for birds: Numbers caught in oil spill: 2032 captured alive, 5289 collected dead: here.

“Arriving Migrant Shorebirds Deal With Contaminated Coast” by Drew Wheelan of the American Birding Association: here.

Oil spill effects still being felt in Gulf: 7321 birds, 1068 sea turtles, 89 mammals collected: Animal numbers: here.

A bit of hope: Rescued sea turtle hatchlings released along the shores of the Kennedy Space Center: here.

BP’s ‘missing oil’ found in Florida, more arriving in Louisiana: here.

Antonia Juhasz: BP’s “Missing Oil” Washes Up in St. Mary’s Parish, LA: here.

Exxon Valdez Damages Remain Unsettled After 21 Years. Inability to Document Natural Resource Damages May Bedevil BP Spill Payments: here.

Oil Spill Truth: The Reefs of the Dry Tortugas. NEW VIDEO from Greenpeace USA: here.

Months after spill, weeks after cap – cleanup still looms ahead: here.

As we remember the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I strongly urge Ken Feinberg, the Administrator of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, to reverse his decision not to pay victims’ mental health claims: here.

With Neighbors Unaware, Toxic Spill at a BP Plant: here.

How an Arctic oil rush will help suffocate the planet: here.

Greenpeace activists have forced a Scottish transnational to stop drilling off Greenland morning by fastening themselves to an oil rig: here.

Greenland: I’m writing this from aboard the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise. Along with a second Greenpeace ship, the Esperanza, we are now in a rather tense stand-off with Danish navy commandos protecting the oil drilling operation: here. Update 30 May 2011: here.

Oil company’s lawsuit against Greenpeace backfires: here.

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