Belgian cardinal lied about sexual abuse

This is a video made by the right wing in the Roman Catholic church. It is called Pope sent message of solidarity to Belgian bishops [especially to Cardinal Danneels].

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Danneels involved in cover-ups indeed

Saturday, August 28, 2010, 11:13

The Belgian Cardinal Danneels has indeed attempted to cover up sexual abuse. According to the Flemish newspaper De Standaard, this concerns the Vangheluwe case. This bishop abused his nephew for years.

The nephew later asked his uncle several times to resign as bishop. In response, Cardinal Danneels talked with the nephew and asked him to keep quiet about the matter in the interest of the church.

Sound Recordings

The nephew of Vangheluwe has secretly made audio recordings of this interview, journalists from De Standaard got permission to hear the tape. With the permission of the nephew, a transcript of the interview was published in the newspaper.

Recently Danneels has sworn that he never wanted to cover up anything.

Before anyone reacts: “the atheist liberal media” or something like that: De Standaard is a Roman Catholic paper.

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Vatican’s Handling of Clergy Sex Abuse Gets Failing Grade in Survey: here.

13 thoughts on “Belgian cardinal lied about sexual abuse

  1. If you really want to end the Vatican’s lies and help the people they have duped and oppressed, then take a little time to grasp the truth about the core lies they use to gain and keep wealth and power. To help others, by exposing the Vatican’s most important deceptions, requires that you start talking about me.

    Peace and Wisdom,



  2. Hi “Seven”, I have looked at your blog, where you give your profession as “Messiah”. That makes it a bit hard to take you seriously.

    What the survivors of Roman Catholic clerical abuse and high level hierarchical cover-ups need is hard facts, research, evidence and compensation; not the founding of yet another religion.


  3. It has been known for centuries that the Vatican is “The Mother of Harlots” referred to by Christ in Revelation/Apocalypse chapter 17; which explains perfectly that it is that great CITY (Vatican CITY) that rules over the kings of the earth; that sits on 7 mountains (Rome), where the inhabitants wear SCARLET (cardinals) and PURPLE (bishops) decked with gold; precious stones and pearls and calls itself “Mother” church.

    However, Christ calls her “Mother of Abominations”; his ENEMY and the great WHORE and He, NOT the pope, MUST be right.

    The ONLY plan that will work:
    Time is running out :
    Peace be upon you


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