Stop British Conservative anti-environment cuts

Badger Watch, Dorset : 20 April 08 from Jane Adams on Vimeo.

The British Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has plans for lots of spending cutbacks. Unfortunately, not on bailouts of capitalist fat cats, or on war in Afghanistan, but, eg, on poor people

From the blog of Mark Avery, the RSPB‘s Conservation Director, in England:

Some cuts never ever ever ever heal

[Conservative politician] Oliver Letwin‘s West Dorset constituency received visits from our campaigners on Wednesday – here they are in a damp Dorchester!

Mr Letwin is one of the Star Chamber members who will make decisions on the allocation of spending cuts across government departments and is regarded widely as a highly influential, if relatively low profile, Cabinet member.

Mr Letwin’s West Dorset constituency is rich in plants and insects – if the sun is shining go and look at the adonis blue butterflies on Maiden Castle just outside Dorchester!

I wonder how many of Mr Letwin’s farming constituents are in HLS – or want to be and may be excluded if planned cuts go ahead?

Please add your voice to our campaign – and remind Mr Letwin that the natural beauty of his constituency depends on the good work of a whole range of people, but much of it costs money. Some cuts never heal – please don’t cut the countryside!

And I was really pleased to see that our Letter to the Future campaign (same idea, different genesis) has passed 285,000 signatures – that was quick!

This is our most prolific campaign in terms of signatures and it’s still gathering momentum. We are now well past the membership of any of the Liberal Democrat, Labour or Conservative parties. Please do add your name if you haven’t already.

Britain: 107-year old woman dies after being evicted from care home: here.

Funding is to be withdrawn from hundreds of planned new children’s playgrounds under the government’s cuts programme, it was claimed on Sunday: here.

Britain: November 2010: The RSPCA has hit out the latest Government plans for a badger cull in parts of England, describing them as ‘appalling’. The animal welfare charity believes that not only are the measures unlikely to work, they may exacerbate the very problem it is meant to stop – bovine TB. Concerned about a number of welfare issues, the RSPCA has sent a list of questions to ministers to highlight the issues at stake: here.

The government said today that it is to delay a decision on whether to cull badgers in England in a bid to control TB in cattle: here.

2 thoughts on “Stop British Conservative anti-environment cuts

  1. Double defeat for Tories in by-elections


    Friday, 27 August 2010

    Tories crashed to landslide defeats in the latest council by-elections.

    Labour’s Diane Todd gained at Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury, Cannock Chase District, Staffordshire.

    The swing to her party topped 11% since May’s council polls which took place on the same day as the general election when Tories had scored a spectacular win in the parliamentary constituency on a 14% switch.

    In another blow for Conservatives this week, Liberal Democrat Rosemarie Hollinghurst won a sweeping victory at Aldbury and Wigginton, Dacorum Borough, Hertfordshire.

    Labour easily defended a Woodhouse seat at Sheffield despite a big Lib Dem squeeze on the Tory vote. Ukip boosted its vote share to come third ahead of Conservatives.

    It also came second with more than a third of the vote at Burnham Church, South Bucks District.

    Analysis of six comparable results in August suggests a projected 2% Tory nationwide lead over Labour.

    However a calculation based on five contests fought both times by all three major parties gives a line-up of: Lab 33.0%, C 32.8%, Lib Dem 24.2%.

    Counting is taking place today at Brotton, Redcar and Cleveland Borough.


    Cannock Chase District – Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury: Lab 418, C 238, Lib Dem 153, Ind 30. (May 2010 – C 1149, Lab 1104, Lib Dem 840). Lab gain from C. Swing 11.4% C to Lab.

    Dacorum District – Aldbury and Wigginton: Lib Dem 593, C 305, Lab 18. (May 2007 – C 475, Lib Dem 306, Lab 53). Lib Dem gain from C. Swing 25.8% C to Lib Dem.

    Redcar and Cleveland Borough – Brotton: Counting today. (May 2007 – Three seats Lab 858, 728, 647, Lib Dem 637, 581, C 422, Lib Dem 405, C 365, Ind 280).

    Sheffield City – Woodhouse: Lab 1855, Lib Dem 757, Ukip 491, C 154, BNP 143, Green 83, Ind 58. (May 2010 – Lab 3633, Lib Dem 1693, C 1118, Ukip 739, English Democrats 331, Green 210). Lab hold. Swing 2.9% Lib Dem to Lab.

    South Bucks District – Burnham Church: C 459, Ukip 276, Lib Dem 80. (May 2007 – Three seats C 506, 504, 493, Lib Dem 240, 222). C hold. Swing 4.8% Lib Dem to C.


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