Saving Scotland’s Slavonian grebes

This is a video of Slavonian grebes fishing in the USA.

From the RSPB in Britain:

New research is hoping to shed light on the lives of one of Scotland’s most mysterious birds. The Slavonian Grebe only began breeding in the UK in 1908; its population today remains restricted to northern Scotland where latest counts have shown only 22 breeding pairs remain, the lowest level since monitoring records began. As it is a relative newcomer to the country, many aspects of the bird‘s behaviour remain unclear but conservationists are hoping further study will identify what may be driving a decline in numbers.

See also here. And here.

New study reveals Slavonian grebes’ breeding must-haves: here.

California’s Mono Lake, stopover spot for half the population of eared grebes: here.

3 thoughts on “Saving Scotland’s Slavonian grebes

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