Nazi criminal with impunity

This video is called Nazi Fugitive Lives Cozy Life in Germany.

From Der Spiegel in Germany:

Israel Calls on Germany to Take Action against Convicted Nazi

Israeli officials have asked Germany to take legal action against a Dutch man convicted of murdering Jews during World War II. The man escaped from prison in the Netherlands in the 1950s and has lived as a free man in Germany ever since.

Israel has called on Berlin to reopen an investigation into a Dutchman convicted in his home country for Nazi crimes who escaped prison in the Netherlands in the 1950s and has been living as a free man in Germany ever since. Klaas[-Carel] F[aber]. even worked for German car-maker Audi in Ingolstadt until his retirement.

Earlier this week, Israeli Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman sent a letter to his German counterpart, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, asking her to take up the case. The move followed a petition signed by 150 Israeli attorneys to the Israeli government, calling on it to urge Germany to take legal action against 88-year-old Klaas F., who lives in Nuremberg today.

During World War II, Klaas F. was part of the SS’s “Silbertanne” special commando unit, and he is on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of most-wanted Nazi war criminals.

Convicted in 1948

Dutch authorities convicted F. in 1948 for murdering 20 Jews and becoming a voluntary member of the SS. He was initially condemned to death, but his sentence was subsequently changed to life in prison. But he escaped from jail in 1952 and fled to Germany. Since then, he has lived in Nuremberg in Bavaria. Under a decree issued by Hitler in 1943, anyone who joined the SS automatically became a German citizen, and authorities in the country have rejected repeated extradition requests for Klaas F.

In 1957, a German court refused to extradite Klaas F., citing a lack of evidence, the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported. And a second case brought to a court in 2004, in which Dutch authorities requested that Faber’s sentence be carried out in Germany, was also thrown out.

The current government, however, appears to be more willing to take action. In August, Justice Minister Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger asked authorities in Bavaria to research “the legal possibilities” for Faber, including the question of whether the Dutch conviction from 40 years ago could still be observed in Germany today.

Update 25 November 2010: here.

The German judicial system continues to protect convicted war criminal Klaas Carel Faber from extradition to Holland, where he faces a life sentence: here.


Rare bee-eaters fledge in the Netherlands

This is a bee-eater video.

According to Vogels Nieuwslog in the Netherlands, this summer young bee-aters have fledged from two nests in the Roer river valley between Vlodrop and Roermond.

Bee-eaters, mainly Mediterranean birds, breed very rarely in the Netherlands.

Saving Scotland’s Slavonian grebes

This is a video of Slavonian grebes fishing in the USA.

From the RSPB in Britain:

New research is hoping to shed light on the lives of one of Scotland’s most mysterious birds. The Slavonian Grebe only began breeding in the UK in 1908; its population today remains restricted to northern Scotland where latest counts have shown only 22 breeding pairs remain, the lowest level since monitoring records began. As it is a relative newcomer to the country, many aspects of the bird‘s behaviour remain unclear but conservationists are hoping further study will identify what may be driving a decline in numbers.

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California’s Mono Lake, stopover spot for half the population of eared grebes: here.