CIA corruption in Kabul government

This video from the USA says about iself:

In Ghost Wars, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Steve Coll tells the secret history of the CIA’s role in Afghanistan, including its covert program against Soviet troops from 1979 to 1989. He examines the rise of the Taliban, the emergence of Bin Laden …

From the Washington Post in the USA:

The CIA is making secret payments to multiple members of President Hamid Karzai’s administration, in part to maintain sources of information in a government in which the Afghan leader is often seen as having a limited grasp of developments, according to current and former U.S. officials.

“Afghan children killed in NATO air strike”: here.

US troops ask: WTF are we doing in Afghanistan again? Here.

USA; Minneapolis denies permits for anti-war march at Democratic National Convention: here.

Andrew Wilke: Afghan military intervention justified by a ‘great lie’: here.

New Accusations Of Corruption Aimed At Karzai Administration: here.

1 thought on “CIA corruption in Kabul government

  1. Six children, three NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan

    27.08.2010 17:04

    Six children were killed in a NATO air raid in eastern Afghanistan and three coalition soldiers were killed in Taliban attacks, officials said Friday.

    “Six children were killed by NATO warplanes in Kunur province Thursday while they were collecting scrap metal in a mountainous area when aircraft dropped bombs,” provincial police chief Khalilullah Ziayee said. The incident took place Thursday, DPA reported.

    The alliance said it was investigating allegations of civilian causalities. A statement issued by NATO Friday said that four insurgents were killed when its forces came under insurgent fire in Darah-ye Pech, a district in the province.

    “We take allegations of civilian casualties seriously; we’re investigating to find out what happened,” James Dawkins, an alliance spokesman, said.

    NATO forces in Afghanistan have been responsible for civilian deaths, mostly at night and in air raids during fighting with Taliban insurgents.

    Civilian causalities are highly a sensitive issue in the country and have undermined support for the Western-backed Afghan government.

    Two NATO troops were killed following an insurgent attack in the east of the country Friday, while another soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in the south, an alliance statement said without revealing the nationalities of the deceased.

    Roadside bombs are the weapon of choice in the Taliban insurgency, and have claimed the most fatalities among Western troops.

    Some 465 international troops have been killed this year in Afghanistan, according to, an independent website that tracks military deaths.


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