Pakistan flood aid insufficient

This is called Drowned Pakistan: Video of flood zone devastation as 20 mln wait for aid.

Three weeks after floods inundated Pakistan, millions of people are still without basic assistance—food, clean water, shelter and medicine. While aid promises have increased, the UN reported on Monday that it had received only about 70 percent of its emergency appeal: here.

Pakistan: In a stunning statement before the Standing Committee on Health of the Senate, Health Secretary Khushnood Lashari said, on August 18, that the relief operations in flood-hit areas of Jacobabad could not be conducted from the Shahbaz airbase because it is controlled by the US: here.

Earth-observing satellite documents Pakistan flooding: here.

The catastrophic floods spreading across Pakistan have dashed any hopes of an economic recovery in the poverty-stricken country: here.

Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis have fled floodwaters after the surging River Indus smashed through dykes in the southern province of Sindh: here.

Fatima Bhutto: Pakistan’s Devastating Floods Are President Zardari’s Katrina: here.

The floods in Pakistan are a calamity of monumental dimensions. Yet for the rival national bourgeoisies of Pakistan and India, it is business as usual: here.

More than 100,000 heavily pregnant women face the risk of infection and disease in the aftermath of the flooding in Pakistan, Save The Children has warned: here.

Women’s clothes prices go up in the aftermath of the floods: here.

2 thoughts on “Pakistan flood aid insufficient

  1. Towns empty as city threat grows

    Pakistan: Floodwaters inundated a large town in southern Pakistan as authorities struggled to build new dykes with clay and stone to save one of the area’s biggest cities from the same fate.

    Almost all of Sujawal’s 250,000 residents fled the town before the water rushed in, but the damage to homes, clinics and schools added to widespread devastation the floods have caused across Pakistan.

    In the north of the inundated country, US drones fired missiles at two vehicles in the Kurram tribal region, killing four people who spooks had identified as insurgents.


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