Odysseus’ palace discovered in Greece (?)

This video is Ithaki – a poem by Konstantinos Kavafis. In Greek, with Spanish subtitles. English translation is here.

This is the poem in English, recited by Sean Connery and with music specially composed by Vangelis.

Talking about Kavafis (or Cavafy), from Wikipedia:

One of Cavafy’s most important works is his 1904 poem “Waiting for the Barbarians“. This work, in the person of a disingenuous Byzantine narrator, cynically explores the view that cultivating fear of an invisible external enemy usually serves internal purposes. Parallels have been drawn between the poem’s message and the 21st-century war on terror.

There are several theories about Odysseus and his island kingdom of Ithaca in pre classic Greece, among archaeologists and historians; including that the island, known as Ithaca [Ithaki] today, is not the Ithaca meant in Homer’s epic poem.

So, this news may not settle the issue:

Odysseus’ Palace Discovered in Ithaca Greece

Aug 24, 2010 Antonis Hontzeas

Excavations ten years in the making, insurmountable government bureaucracy and over 100,000 Euros of withheld funds did not deter or discourage Greek archeologists from the University of Ioannina in realizing their dream: The excavation of a Palace on the island of Ithaca, that may have belonged to the legendary Odysseus and his faithful wife Penelope.

Using Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as their guide (similar to the strategy that Schliemann used in discovering Troy), archeologists announced this discovery of major historical significance today through the Greek television station ANT1’s morning edition of “Elate”.

Odysseus and the Trojan War

Homer rhapsodized that Odysseus was recruited by Agamemnon in the latter’s expedition against the city of Troy. Odysseus’ involvement was crucial to the success of the Greek campaign.

Odysseys had an uncanny ability to convince other Greek kings like Achilles in supporting the affair, and secondly his unique ingenuity would prove invaluable in ensuring the eventual fall of the great city.

According to the Iliad, Odysseys was one of the kings initially beset against the campaign seeing it as costly affair that would eventually weaken the Argive federation.

History proved him correct since the Trojan wars depleted the Achaean kingdom of much needed manpower and opened the way (along with the advent of Iron) for the Dorian Invasions ( Blegen, Carl (1967). “The Mycenaean Age: The Trojan War, the Dorian Invasion and Other Problems”).

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