Storm fells Anne Frank’s tree

This is a video about the Anne Frank tree.

Translated from Dutch new agency Novum:

The Anne Frank tree was blown down in Amsterdam this Monday. The tree died after harsh gusts around 1.30PM which pulled up the tree saving structure around it, says a spokesman for the Anne Frank Foundation. …

The chestnut tree was made famous after Anne Frank during World War II described it in her diary. She could see the tree from the Secret Annex on the Prinsengracht, where she and her family went into hiding. …

The at least one hundred and fifty years old tree was severely damaged by fungus and rot. In 2008, the tree was provided with a special structure to keep it up. …

In recent years, there has been much controversy around the tree. The Amsterdam Centre District Authority wanted the tree to be cut down in 2007 as they said it was too sick. Residents won a court case to prevent this.

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