BP oil still polluting

This video is called The BP Disaster – Lessons from the Niger Delta.

USA: The escrow claims fund to compensate victims of the BP Gulf oil disaster has set even more stringent restrictions than had been previously indicated: here.

Fishing industry in Gulf still worried about levels of toxins in the water and the impact on marine life: here.

Scientist accuses Obama administration and BP of underestimating amount of oil left in Gulf of Mexico: here.

Discovery Animals: Photographs Show Oil Spill Affecting Wildlife, Beaches: here.

Thousands of dead fish, other marine life found at mouth of Mississippi River outlet into the Gulf: here.

August 2010: As the US starts to count the massive conservation costs of the current oil slick disaster off the coast of Louisiana , agreement by the UK government to allow two companies to begin seismic surveys in preparation for potential future oil and gas development in the Moray Firth, Scotland – a Special Area of Conservation – has been condemned by groups including the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS): here.

Financial Times: “New figures that reveal a sharp increase in the number of major [oil and gas] leaks” over 09-10: here.

Guardian: Danish warship blocks Greenpeace Arctic oil protest: here.

Deaths and major injuries in the offshore oil and gas industry doubled last year because of cost-cutting, unions have warned: here.

4 thoughts on “BP oil still polluting

  1. maandag 23 augustus 2010 10:21

    Op Bonaire is afgelopen vrijdag honderden tot duizenden liters olie uit een olieput van autobedrijf Akkerman weggelekt de natuur in. De olie is via Saliña di Vlijt grotendeels in zee terecht gekomen. De omvang en gevolgen van de milieuramp moeten nog in kaart worden gebracht, maar die lijken vooralsnog beperkt. Volgens eerste schattingen gaat het om 500 tot 5000 liter olie. De Dienst Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling coordineert samen met het ministerie van VROM in Nederland de ramp.



  2. Energy find sparks environment fear

    Denmark: Greenpeace has warned that news that a Scottish energy company has found signs of hydrocarbons off Greenland’s coast could spark an oil rush that “would threaten the fragile environment.”

    Greenpeace spokesman Ben Stewart says Cairn should follow the example of oil companies that have suspended deep-water drilling after the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy PLC started drilling 108 miles west of the Disko Island on July 1.



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