BP disaster continues

This video from the USA is called Oil Dispersants have made BP disaster catastrophic.

Scientists and commercial fishermen appearing before a Congressional hearing on Thursday challenged assertions from the Obama administration that the “vast majority” of the oil dumped into the Gulf of Mexico is gone: here.

Scientists have reported that a 22-mile-long oil slick is still gushing from the site of a sunken Gulf of Mexico rig – despite US officials claiming the spill has “gone”: here.

EnviroCentric: Deep plumes of oil could cause dead zones in the Gulf: here.

Louisiana Tribe Sues BP for Oil Spill Damage: here.

La. scientist’s oysters safe from oil, but pricey: here.

New at Video Cafe: Cenk and Pap Go After BP: 75% of Oil Remains in Gulf as Company Attempts to Settle Claims Quickly: here.

2 thoughts on “BP disaster continues

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