Islamophobic hysteria in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

“I Fear for My Country”: Muslim Leader Daisy Khan on Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque and Others Nationwide

Debate is intensifying over the planned construction of an Islamic center and mosque two blocks from New York’s Ground Zero. But it is not just a local issue. Across the country, Muslim groups are facing attacks over plans to build new mosques. We speak to Daisy Khan of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, one of the main organizations behind the mosque project, and the wife of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf; and Stephan Salisbury, cultural writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and author of Mohamed’s Ghosts: An American Story of Love and Fear in the Homeland. [includes rush transcript]

Obama’s mosque drama: here.

Fascistic agitation against the Islamic center in Lower Manhattan, together with the cowering response of the Obama administration, demonstrate that imperialist war abroad coupled with ever-widening social inequality at home are incompatible with democratic rights: here.

Right-wing media have responded to President Obama’s comments that he “believe[s] that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country” by falsely claiming that opponents of the proposed Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan have not talked about restricting Muslims’ religious freedom. In fact, opponents have advocated using government intervention to restrict construction of the center or have asserted that the planners don’t have a right to build it at the proposed location: here.

Fox host: Muslims should “give up” first amendment rights to be good neighbors: here.

Conservative Muslim-Americans Write To GOP Leaders: Don’t Bring Mosque Debate Into Elections: here.

‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Imam Helped FBI With Counterterrorism Efforts: here.

Check out today’s in-depth, roundtable discussion on lower Manhattan Islamic community center: here.

Mark Fiore animation on this: here.

Greg Palast on THE Mosque for BuzzFlash: Why Not Ban all Churches from Oklahoma Because McVeigh was Christian: here.

Flemish racists against New York Islamic center: here.

WATCH: Anti-mosque protesters harass random African-American man for wandering into crowd: here.

How a Lunatic, Racist Blogger Is Fanning Hate Against Muslims — With the Help of Our Dumb Media: here.

Some Dare Call It Conspiracy: The John Birch Society and the SPLC: here.

Muslim employee: Disney banned her head scarf: here.

Recent attacks on Islam in the United States echo old slurs against Jews: here.

In Spain as in France, a wave of anti-democratic legislation and policies is being prepared against Muslims, including proposals to ban the burqa: here.

US-funded neocons and rightwingers at US Comm. for Int’l Religious Freedom join crusade against GZ “mosque”: here.

WATCH: Glenn Beck praised imam behind NYC mosque in 2006… in 2010, he’s apparently a radical: here.

Weasel Glenn Beck called MLK Jr. a “radical socialist” earlier this year: here.

Murdoch published Imam Rauf’s book on Islam and America: here.

Wave of Hate Crimes Directed at Muslims Breaks Out: here.

The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party: here.

18 thoughts on “Islamophobic hysteria in the USA

  1. Racist attacks on Hispanics double

    United States: New York police have reported a more than 100 per cent rise in race attacks on Hispanic people in one suburb of the city.

    Twenty-five racially motivated assaults have been reported so far in 2010 compared with 10 by this time last year.

    It is thought that increasing competition for jobs against a backdrop of mass unemployment is behind the rise in attacks.


    Right-wing ‘Tea Party’ in Arizona

    United States: A rag-tag collection of far-right individuals gathered in the Arizona desert on Sunday in support of local anti-immigration laws which opponents warn will lead to racial profiling of the Hispanic community.

    The “Tea Party” event was the latest in a string of rallies held by individuals who want to see the state abolished and believe that centre-right US President Barack Obama is a far-left leader.


  2. The NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia issues

    A Call to Action for Sunday, August 22nd:

    Welcome Muslims to Downtown NYC —
    Stop Islamophobia & Racist Threats —
    Defend Religious Freedom

    Those who have been loudly opposing the proposal to build Cordoba House, an Islamic Community Center and Mosque in downtown Manhattan, will converge from around the country Sunday. We will counter their racist, Islamophobic threats and lies by being present with signs and banners and the message:

    We oppose attacks now, and in the future, on Muslims and mosques. We stand by the right of religious freedom for all people. Welcome Cordoba House!

    Join us on Sunday, August 22nd, 10:00 am at Church Street and Warren Street.

    Initial Endorsers (To add your name, send a message to: )
    Al-Awda NY: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
    International Socialist Organization
    Movement for a Democratic Society
    World Can’t Wait
    International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
    Labor for Palestine
    New York City Labor Against the War

    Please sign our statement against Islamophobia at:
    Visit us at


    And to endorse the additional statement below, please email or go to

    Say No to Islamophobia!
    Defend Mosques and Community Centers!
    The Fight for Peace and Social Justice Requires Defense of All Under Attack!

    There has been an explosion of racist attacks, verbal and physical, on masjids (mosques), proposed masjids, and Islamic community centers around the US. In episodes reminiscent of Kristallnacht, the Nazi destruction of Jewish synagogues and businesses, masjids have been picketed and vandalized and obscenities shouted at worshippers.

    On September 11th the Tea Party and its allies plan to demonstrate at the site of the proposed Islamic masjid and community center in lower Manhattan. On the same day, Christian fundamentalists plan a “Burn the Quran” day at a Florida masjid.

    Like Hitler before them, these bigots whip up hatred against a religious minority in the midst of an economic crisis. They want to divert popular anger away from the banks and corporations who rob millions of their jobs and homes. Hitler did not only target Jews, and the Tea Party bigots do not only target Muslims. They aim to build a fascist movement against all people of color, immigrants, union members, against the civil and human rights of all. They must be stopped!

    The Islamophobes also want to justify the murderous stream of bombs and missiles the Pentagon rains on the people of Islamic lands in wars that feed corporate contractors at the expense of our schools, hospitals, subways and communities. They want to justify continued U.S. funding of Israeli apartheid and a U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran.

    The Anti-Defamation League, part of the pro-Israel lobby, has allied publicly with this wave of Islamophobia, whose promoters explicitly advocate violence and even genocide. But even mainstream figures who defend some masjids and some Muslim rights on civil liberties grounds helped create a political and social climate that breeds Islamophobia.

    After 9/11 the government and media launched a witch-hunt against Muslims and Arabs, encouraging individual violent attacks. Even before 9/11, demonization was used to justify support for Israel’s wars and U.S. efforts to control Arab and Iranian oil.

    Since 9/11, as part of the bipartisan “war on terror,” tens of thousands of Muslim men were fingerprinted, questioned and registered. Hundreds were detained with no regard to their constitutional rights, often abused and tortured, in a campaign of preemptive prosecution mirroring the practices in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and overseas secret detention centers.

    Masjids have been subject to FBI and police surveillance, infiltration and intimidation. We are told that Muslims must be presumed guilty of “terrorism” until proven innocent — then denied the chance to prove their innocence. The government and media demand hypocritically that “moderate” Muslims denounce and inform on so-called “extremists.”

    The Obama administration claims to support the right of the Cordoba Initiative to build the lower Manhattan masjid/center but fuels Islamophobia with the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a stepped-up campaign of extra-judicial assassinations.

    These attacks occur for one fundamental reason: To intimidate those who would oppose Washington’s wars abroad and growing economic misery at home.

    The government demonizes those who oppose its wars and its support for Israeli apartheid and aggression. It seeks to prepare public sentiment for a US and/or Israeli attack on Iran.

    Attacks on Muslims and Arabs mirror the labeling of war opponents as “supporters of terrorism” during US wars in Central America and Vietnam, and the persecution is carried out in the spirit of the round-ups of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

    Islamophobia also serves to split potential allies in the fight against the deepening economic crisis. The attacks parallel the persecution and terrorist-baiting of unionists and radicals during previous depressions, as well as of fighters for the freedom of Black, Latin@ and other peoples of color who suffered the worst impact of such crises.

    The attacks on Muslims parallel the scapegoating of mostly Latin@ undocumented workers, whose labor is key to the economy but whose status is used to pit workers against each other.

    This understanding of the roots of Islamophobia and the resulting attacks impels us to mobilize and speak out whenever there is an attack on any Muslim individual or institution and call on our allies in every social movement to do the same.

    We demand:

    *End the attacks on masjids and Islamic community centers. Stop the government and media witch-hunt that sparks such attacks.

    *End “preemptive” prosecutions and entrapment by government informants.

    *Close Guantanamo, US prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the CIA’s secret detention centers. Free all Arab and Muslim political prisoners at home and abroad.

    *End all attacks on immigrant communities, including racial and religious profiling, harassment, detentions, and deportations.

    *Stop US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. End all US aid to Israel. No war or sanctions against Iran.

    *Redirect the trillions of dollars from war to funds for jobs, education, healthcare, and humanitarian relief, at home and abroad.


    Al-Awda NY: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
    American Iranian Friendship Committee
    Council on American-Islamic Relations-Connecticut (CAIR-CT)
    Creative Nonviolent Resistance against Injustice (CNRI)
    Delaware Valley Veterans For America, Philadelphia
    DRUM – Desis Rising Up and Moving
    Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
    International Action Center
    International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
    Justice and Peace in Palestine Alliance (JAPPA), Albany
    Labor For Palestine
    Minnesota Anti-War Committee
    NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia
    New York City Labor Against the War
    Palestine Rights Committee, Albany
    Palestine Solidarity Caucus of the United National Antiwar Committee
    Women Against Military Maddness (Minnesota)
    Women in Black Westchester
    Women of a Certain Age

    Individuals (organizational affiliations for identification purposes only):

    Shamshad Ahmad, President, Masjid As-Salam, Albany, NY
    Laurie Arbeiter, A.R.T. (Activist Response Team)
    Tom Bias, President, Northwest New Jersey Peace Fellowship
    Farid Bitar, Gaza Freedom March
    Dennis Brasky
    Dave Capone
    Stephen Cheng
    Rick Congress, Gaza Freedom March
    Paul D’Amato, International Socialist Review
    Don DeBar
    Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Professor, Yale University School of Art
    Hedy Epstein, Women in Black, St. Louis, MO & St. Louis Free Gaza Movement
    Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Executive Director, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
    Carol Gay, NJ Labor Against War
    Mike Gimbel, Chair, Labor/Community Unity Committee, Local 375, AFSCME
    Marty Goodman, Transport Workers Union Local 100
    Chris Green
    Stephen Gross, Texas State University
    Joanne Gullion
    Stanley Heller, host of “The Struggle” TV News
    Jim Holstun
    Marissa Janczewska, Central Connecticut State University
    David Judd, International Socialist Organization
    Fadi Kanaan, JAPPA-Albany
    Roberta Koffman, UJP Palestine Task Force -Boston
    Jim Lafferty, Director, National Lawyers Guild-Los Angeles
    Cecelia Lavan, OP, Women in Black Westchester
    Nydia Leaf, New York, NY
    James Marc Leas, Co-chair, Free Palestine Subcommittee of the National Lawyers Guild
    Roger Leisner, Radio Free Maine
    David Letwin, Al Awda-NY; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
    Michael Letwin, Labor for Palestine
    Marilyn Levin, New England United
    Dennis Loh, MD, Creative Nonviolent Resistance against Injustice (CNRI)
    Joe Lombardo, Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
    Priscilla Lynch, Western Mass Code Pink
    Jeff Mackler, Co-National Coordinator, National Assembly to End US Wars and Occupations
    Richard J. Marini, NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophbia
    Joyce McKelvey
    Dr. Jeff Meisner
    Tariq Mukadam
    Laura Myerson, Cortlandt Manor, NY
    Abu Nazem, Delmar, NY
    Michelle O’Brien
    Mark Ostapiak, National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations
    Bill Perry, Delaware Valley Veterans For America, Philadelphia
    Marlon Pierre-Antoine, Socialist Action
    Terry Phelan, Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
    Joan Pleune, Granny Peace Brigade
    Sarah Roche-Mahdi, Code Pink
    Cinthya M Saavedra
    Kareem Salameh
    Dr. Moses Seenarine
    Bobbi Siegelbaum
    Frank Siwiec, Bernardsville, NJ
    Kwame Somburu
    Tom Sposato Brad Taylor
    Jeffrey Stein
    Andy Thayer, Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism
    Will Thomas, NH Veterans for Peace
    Jane Toby
    Gale Courey Toensing, Middle East Crisis Committee
    Samuel Waite
    Phil Wilayto, Editor, The Virginia Defender
    Sarah Wellington, A.R.T.
    Kevin Young, SUNY-Stony Brook
    Maryam Zohny


  3. Poll: Growing Number Believe Obama Is Muslim

    by The Associated Press

    August 19, 2010

    Americans increasingly are convinced – incorrectly – that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a growing number are thoroughly confused about his religion.

    Nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, said they think Obama is Muslim, up from the 11 percent who said so in March 2009, according to a poll released Thursday. The proportion who correctly say he is a Christian is down to just 34 percent.

    The largest share of people, 43 percent, said they don’t know his religion, an increase from the 34 percent who said that in early 2009.

    The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, is based on interviews conducted before the controversy over whether Muslims should be permitted to construct a mosque near the World Trade Center site. Obama has said he believes Muslims have the right to build an Islamic center there, though he’s also said he won’t take a position on whether they should actually build it.

    In a separate poll by Time magazine/ABT SRBI conducted Monday and Tuesday – after Obama’s comments about the mosque – 24 percent said they think he is Muslim, 47 percent said they think he is Christian and 24 percent didn’t know or didn’t respond.


  4. Koran burning stunt banned

    United States: Extremist Christians’ plans to burn copies of the Koran on September 11 have been outlawed.

    The Dove World Outreach Centre, Florida, was banned from torching the holy text because the open burning of books is illegal under local law.

    However the church distributed an email on Wednesday saying: “City of Gainesville denies permit – BUT WE WILL STILL BURN KORANS.”

    The church faces a fine if it does not repent.


  5. Endorse this Call to Action AT

    We say NO to Racism and anti-Islamic Bigotry
    Stand for Unity and Solidarity on Saturday, September 11

    On September 11 the Tea Party and its racist and right wing allies plan to again demonstrate at the World Trade Center site. For months these bigots have attempted to whip up hysteria against a proposed Islamic masjid (mosque) and community center several blocks from the WTC.

    On September 11 right wing, Christian fundamentalist plan a “Burn the Quran” day at a Florida Masjid. These same forces targeting masjids around the country are waging a national hate campaign against all people of color and immigrants.

    We need to stand up to these racist forces. Together our voices are strong
    In New York City the ugly demonstration of racism and bigotry against Muslims on September 11 at the World Trade Center must be countered with mass show of solidarity and unity

    We call on all working people, youth, students, immigrants, trade unionist, community and human rights activists – ALL those opposed to racism and bigotry – to stand on that day in defense of our Muslim sisters and brothers.

    Like Hitler before them, the anti-Muslim bigots are seeking to whip up hatred against a religious minority in the midst of an economic crisis. They want to divert popular anger away from the banks and corporations who rob millions of their jobs and homes.

    The racist anti-Muslim campaigns are also pro-war mobilizations. It is used to justify war against Palestinians. The overwhelmingly people in the U.S. today are against continuing the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or a new war in Iran.

    These ugly, right-wing campaigns are given enormous media coverage. They are an effort to push back and divide with racism and bigotry all those who want to end U.S. wars. The billions of dollars wasted on endless war must be spent here at home.

    We need JOBS, health care and schools, not war and racism.

    Say NO to Racism on Saturday, September 11.

    Emergency Mobilization Against Racism and Anti-Islamic Bigotry

    Initial Signers (list in formation)
    AlAwda NY Palestine Right To Return Coalition
    American Muslims for Palestine
    Arab Muslim American Federation – AMAF
    Bailout the People Movement
    BAYAN USA – Philippine American Alliance
    Black Workers for Justice
    Ramsey Clark
    Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, VA
    DRUM – Desis Rising Up & Moving-
    Ana Edwards, Chair, Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation
    Families United for Justice in America-FUJA
    Freedom Road Socialist Organization
    Fight Imperialism Stand Together-FIST
    Gabriella Network USA – Women’s Leadership
    Steve Gillis, VP, USW Local 8751 Boston School Bus Drivers
    Mike Gimbel, Chair, Local 375, AFSCME “Labor/Community Unity Committee”
    Kosta Harlan, Students for a Democratic Society
    Imani Henry, LGBT Activist, Playwright/Performer
    In the Name of Humanity
    International Action Center
    Jersey City Peace Movement
    Imam Ashrafuz Zaman Khan, Pres. North American Imams Federatiopn – NAIF
    Angaza Laughinghouse, Pres, UE local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union
    May 1 Workers and Immigrant Rights Coalition
    Cynthia McKinney
    Michigan Emergency Comm, Against War & Injustice
    Millions for Mumia
    MN Ånti War Committee
    Moritorium Now Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs
    Muslim Solidarity Committee
    Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
    North East Peace and Justice Action Coalition
    Pakistan USA Freedom Forum
    Pan Africa News Wire
    Peoples Organization for Progress
    Peoples Video Network
    Queers for Economic Justice
    Richmond Jobs With Justice
    Stonewall Warriors
    Senegalese Workers Association
    Bishop Filipe Teixeira, OFSJC, Diocese of St. Francis of Assisi, CCA
    The Peace Thru Justice Foundation
    Phil Wilayto, Author
    Women’s Fightback Network

    (Planning meetings being scheduled. Contact us at the phone or email below for information)

    Endorse this Call to Action AT


  6. August 26. 2010 1:00AM

    Rare collection of Nation of Islam papers discovered

    Rare collection dating to the ’30s reveal beginnings

    Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News

    Detroit — Once headed to the trash heap, a cache of rare papers have been found that trace the history of the Nation of Islam.

    The collection of papers, documents and photos, many dating to the 1930s, detail the innerworkings of the religious group of black Muslims, including the surprisingly prominent role of women in its founding.

    They were uncovered earlier this month at a home on Detroit’s west side.


    The truth about controlling cholesterol naturally

    Shocking discovery for joint relief

    The Asian secret to strong, lush hair

    The foolproof way to buy a car with bad credit

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    Suffering back pain? How you can end it

    The find includes handwritten and typed letters related to the beginning of the Nation of Islam, which was started by W.D. Fard in Detroit in 1930 on Hastings Street in the city’s legendary Black Bottom neighborhood.

    “These papers show how organized and structured the Nation of Islam was,” said Detroit attorney Gregory Reed, to whom the collection was turned over. “They had a department of justice … a department of dietary.”

    The family that owns the documents had members who once belonged to the Nation of Islam, he said. The man who uncovered the documents did not want to be identified, but Reed will hold a news conference today to talk about the documents and other materials.

    Among the documents is a 1933 pamphlet considered its manifesto. In it, Fard instructs prospective members on analytical thinking, mathematical equations and dietary restrictions.

    Also included are letters to Fard and other organization officials from newly converted Muslims about adopting Muslim names.

    Reed said the papers will complement his collection of manuscripts of Malcolm X, a former Nation of Islam minister who left the group in the 1960s over ideological differences.

    “Now I have the answers that tie into the lost chapters (of the Malcolm X story),” said Reed.

    Reed says he would like to house the documents in an educational center focused on the history of the Nation of Islam. Next month, he will hold a public preview of the collection.

    Reed said the papers illustrate that the organization was dedicated to making sure blacks lived spiritual, productive and healthy lives. The papers show, Reed said, that the Nation of Islam operated 40 schools, called University of Islam, in the city during the 1930s.

    “They were educating people and they were reforming people who had been to prison,” he said. “They had a better system than the government.”

    And a system that included women in high posts. One of the top officials in the early days was Burnsteen Sharrieff Muhammad, the sister-in-law of the late leader Minister Elijah Muhammad, who oversaw new converts and other operations.

    Reed says he doesn’t plan on having the collection authenticated because he trusts the family from which he got the materials. No local or national officials from the Nation of Islam were available for comment the papers or their authenticity.

    Local Muslims say the find is a great opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to learn more about the Nation of Islam’s history.

    “This is a great find,” said Khalid el-Hakim, a Detroit schoolteacher who is a Muslim and a collector of historical memorabilia on the Nation of Islam.

    “It will give people a completely different perspective of the Nation of Islam,” he said.

    “It not only gives a snapshot of the inner workings of the Nation of Islam but it also shows how important education is to the Nation of Islam.”

    Reed said the Smithsonian Institution has expressed interest in obtaining some of the collection for exhibition.

    A Smithsonian spokeswoman said she could not comment on any future acquisitions or interest in them for the institution. (313) 222-2027

    From The Detroit News:


  7. Official: Suspect In Cabbie Attack Carried War Notes

    August 26, 2010

    A man accused of slashing a Muslim taxi driver in the throat was carrying journals describing his experiences embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, a law enforcement official said Thursday.

    The official said Michael Enright’s journals did not appear to contain anti-Muslim rants. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

    Enright, 21, was charged Wednesday with using a folding knife to slash the neck and face of Ahmed H. Sharif, 43, after he said he was Muslim. Enright was so drunk and incoherent when he was arrested that he was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, police said.

    The law enforcement official said an empty bottle of scotch was found in a bag Enright was carrying, along with the journals.

    Enright, who once volunteered with a group that promotes interfaith tolerance and has supported a proposal for an Islamic center near ground zero, was later taken to court. A judge on Thursday ordered Enright held without bail on charges of attempted murder and assault as hate crimes and weapon possession. The handcuffed defendant, wearing a polo shirt and cargo shorts, did not enter a plea during the brief court appearance.

    A taxi drivers’ labor group quickly used the attack to denounce “bigotry” over plans to build an Islamic center and mosque two blocks north of ground zero, while a leading Islamic group claimed a recent increase in anti-Muslim attacks since the controversy began.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch supporter of the mosque project, invited Sharif, who is Bangladeshi, to visit City Hall on Thursday.

    “This attack runs counter to everything that New Yorkers believe no matter what god we pray to,” the mayor said in a statement.

    Enright uttered “Assalamu aleikum,” Arabic for “Peace be upon you,” and told the driver, “Consider this a checkpoint,” before attacking him Tuesday night inside the yellow cab in Manhattan, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

    Besides a serious neck wound, Sharif suffered cuts to his forearms, his face and one hand while trying to fend off Enright, prosecutor James Zeleta said while arguing against bail.

    Defense attorney Jason Martin told the judge his client was an honors student at the School of Visual Arts, had volunteered in Afghanistan and lives with his parents in suburban Brewster, N.Y.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington-based advocacy group, condemned the attack and said that anti-Islam sentiment has bubbled up with new fervor amid the debate about the downtown mosque, and that it’s leading to more bias incidents.

    A man also recently stormed a Queens mosque, shouting at worshippers and urinating on prayer rugs, spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said. New York police said that they don’t believe it was bias-related and that the suspect didn’t know he was at a mosque. A mosque in Madera, Calif., was also recently vandalized.

    Gov. David Paterson said Thursday that the cabbie stabbing “should certainly compel us to remembering … this is what terrorists really want. That we are now fighting each other, this is making their day.”

    A representative for the volunteer group where Enright worked, Intersections International, called the situation “tragic.”

    “We’ve been working very hard to build bridges between folks from different religions and cultures,” said the Rev. Robert Chase. “This is really shocking and sad for us.”

    The group, founded in 2007, says it’s dedicated to promoting justice, reconciliation and peace among people of different faiths, cultures, ideologies, races and classes.

    A trailer for Enright’s school film, “Home of the Brave,” was excerpted on the group’s website. Enright followed his former high school classmate, Cpl. Alex Eckner, and his Army unit through basic training in Hawaii and their deployment to Afghanistan.

    The film, set for release in 2011, shows soldiers training with weapons in a pool, running in formation and celebrating birthdays and Christmas while in basic training.

    “You can’t not be scared, that helps you operate,” one soldier says in the trailer. “It helps you do your job.”

    Sharif, who has driven a cab for 15 years, was quoted in a news release from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance as saying the attack left him shaken.

    “I feel very sad,” he said. With the tension over the mosque, he added, “All drivers should be more careful.”

    Enright hailed the cab around 6 p.m. Tuesday, police Deputy Inspector Kim Royster said.

    Sharif told authorities that during the trip Enright asked him whether he was Muslim. When he said yes, Enright pulled out a weapon – -believed to be a tool with a blade called a Leatherman — and attacked him, Royster said.

    After the assault, the driver tried to lock Enright inside the cab and drive to a police station, police said. The attacker jumped out a rear window about 15 blocks from where he hailed the cab.

    An officer there noticed the commotion, found Enright slumped on a sidewalk and arrested him.


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