Common sandpiper migration

This video says about itself:

Vijfhoek Diemen, near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. August 14th 2010, around 8.30 pm. Migrating birds. Common Sandpiper (part of a total of at least 119), Grey Heron, Common Pochard. Magnification max 40x.

See also photos here.

August 2010. In recent years, the UK’s estuaries and other wetlands have seen several notable changes in the birds using them. Little Egret and Avocet are now present in higher numbers than ever before, but familiar species such as Ringed Plover and Dunlin are at all-time lows, and other coastal waders such as Redshank, Curlew and Bar-tailed Godwit have also experienced recent declines: here.

New research has shown bar-tailed godwits are hard-wired to keep to tight schedules for their extraordinary annual 30,000km return journey between New Zealand and Alaska: here.

Curlew sandpiper: here.

31,000 migrating storks flew over Israel and around the Dead Sea Tuesday: here.

With Hurricane Earl racing up the East Coast and two or more storms looking to follow in Earl’s wake in coming weeks, many people are wondering about the effects of hurricanes and tropical storms on birds: here.

Waders’ nests in the Netherlands: here.

March 2011: More than 100 endangered shorebirds have been shot in Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand, despite their protected status. More than 100 godwits, knots and other shorebirds including the endangered New Zealand dotterel were believed to have been shot in what appears to have been an illegal harvest at the remote location. Injured birds not collected were left to suffer in agony and some were eaten by predators such as rats and cats: here.

Istanbul bird migration: here.

The Red-capped Plover Charadrius ruficapillus is a very cute shorebird that is often seen scurrying along the shoreline around Australia. The estimated population is 95 000: here.

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