Pentagon against Iraq murder investigation

This video from the USA says about itself:

13 May 2008

DEMOCRACY NOW! EXCLUSIVE: Fmr. Military Intelligence Officer Reveals US Listed Palestine Hotel in Baghdad as Target Prior to Killing of Two Journalists in 2003

Last month marked the fifth anniversary of the US military shelling of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad. The attack killed two journalists: Reuters cameraman Taras Protsyuk and Jose Couso, a cameraman for the Spanish television network Telecinco. The Pentagon has called the killings accidental, but in this broadcast exclusive Army Sgt. Adrienne Kinne (Ret.) reveals she saw secret US military documents that listed the hotel as a possible target. Kinne also discloses that she was personally ordered to eavesdrop on Americans working for news organizations and NGOs in Iraq. [includes rush transcript]

Last week, the Pentagon responded to the decision of the Spanish Supreme Court to reopen the investigation into the death of cameraman José Couso in 2003 in Iraq. It declared that US authorities had already acquitted the three soldiers involved of any crime. Couso and Reuters reporter Taras Protsyuk were killed in April 2003 when Baghdad’s Hotel Palestine was shelled during the US invasion of Iraq: here.

All Neptune’s oceans can’t wash the blood of Iraq from Tony Blair’s hands, however much he donates to charity: here.

Tony Blair’s attempt to salve his conscience will be little comfort to injured troops, peace campaigners have stated after he pledged to donate the profits from his memoirs to a new sports centre for wounded soldiers: here. And here.

The United States has dismissed criticism of its planned reduction of troops in Iraq and claimed “democracy is thriving” in the war-torn country – which doesn’t have a government: here.

Who makes thousands to speak for 1 hour and tell lies about the Iraq war? War Criminal Karl Rove… that’s who: here.

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