Nixon wanted to kill Leftist Uruguyans

This video says about itself:

19 February 2010

Former Uruguayan dictator Juan Maria Bordaberry has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for violating the constitution when he led a 1973 coup that began 12 years of dictatorship in Uruguay. He also faces charges for 11 homicides and forced disappearances of dissidents. The United States had been instrumental in developing and training the leadership of Uruguay’s military and police forces, the same forces who helped bring Bordaberry to power. Reports of torture had become routine. It was also during this time that death squads appeared.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Cables show Nixon urged Uruguay to kill leftist prisoners

Friday 13 August 2010

by Our Foreign Desk

Long-Secret diplomatic cables released earlier this week show that former US president Richard Nixon wanted the Uruguayan government to threaten to kill leftist prisoners to end the kidnapping of a US agent 40 years ago.

The National Security Archive, which published the papers on Wednesday, said that State Department cables suggested that the US government knew about death squads which attacked leftist insurgencies even before military dictatorships ousted democracies across much of south America.

The cables focus on the kidnapping of Dan Mitrione, an FBI agent who had been advising Uruguay on interrogation techniques.

Mitrione’s captivity and eventual murder were part of a wave of kidnappings of foreign officials by the Tupamaros who hoped to use them in a prisoner exchange and eventually topple the government.

Instead, it prompted an intense police and military response that resulted in the arrest of Tupamaro leader Raul Sendic and hundreds of other guerillas and set the stage for Uruguay’s dictatorship in 1973.

The documents show that, while publicly calling for amnesty and offering ransoms, the Nixon administration was very different behind the scenes.

“We have assumed that the government of Uruguay has considered use of threat to kill Sendic and other key MLN prisoners if Mitrione is killed.

“If this has not been considered, you should raise it with GOU at once,” former secretary of state William Rogers cabled to then US ambassador Charles Adair.

Mr Adair replied saying he had met top Uruguayan officials who intended to take “severe measures.”

But, despite US pressure, the Uruguayan government treated Tupamaro Mr Sendic in a military hospital for wounds suffered during his arrest. He, like other jailed Tupamaros, was sentenced to prison.

Another jailed Tupamaro, Jose Mujica, also served a lengthy prison term, then entered politics and became Uruguay’s president this year.

“The documents reveal the US went to the edge of ethics,” said archive director Carlos Osorio.

Leftist music about Latin America: here.

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17 thoughts on “Nixon wanted to kill Leftist Uruguyans

  1. Military amnesty survives vote

    URUGUAY: Efforts to overturn an amnesty for officials from the former dictatorship failed in the country’s congress today.

    Members of the left-wing ruling party fell one vote short of the 50 votes needed to overturn the amnesty.

    But human rights groups say the military amnesty permits crimes to go unpunished and the country’s Supreme Court say the amnesty is unconstitutional.


  2. MPs scrap amnesty for rights criminals

    Uruguay: Congress scrapped a 1986 amnesty law today that shielded officials charged with human rights abuses during the right-wing dictatorship of 1973 to 1985.

    The vote met demands by human rights groups that people who kidnapped, tortured and killed in the name of the state should be punished.

    At least 180 suspected leftwingers were kidnapped and killed during the dictatorship. The Supreme Court will decide whether lifting the amnesty is constitutional.


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