BP oil keeps killing

This video from the USA says about itself:

BP Will Reportedly Have To Pay Record Fine For Safety Violations At Texas Refinery.

New oiled bird update: 1900 captured alive, 4064 collected dead: Gulf oil spill animal report: here.

Whales tracked to monitor impact of oil spill: here.

4500 animals killed in oil spill… and counting: here.

Dispersant use in the Gulf could negatively impact deep-sea life and coral reefs: here.

The goverment says that the millions of barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf are “dissipating.” But environmentalists warn about long-term effects. Does the “Mission Accomplished” rhetoric mean BP and the feds are bailing? Not if Gulf women have anything to say about it: here.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King filed suit against BP and others over the Gulf oil spill late on Thursday, saying that the oil company had broken too many promises about accepting responsibility for the disaster: here.

Obama’s Beach Will Be Clean, But Oil Lies Beneath Sand Nearby: here.


Beleaguered oil giant BP was fined a record £32.5 million on Friday for safety failings at its Texas City oil refinery which led to a 2005 explosion which killed 15 workers: here.

Michigan: update on the Kalamazoo River oil spill clean up: here.

Mexico: Oil Workers at Sea Without a Safety Net: here.

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