Only ultra-hawks welcome in Guantanamo kangaroo court

This video from the USA says about itself:

60 Minutes: Obama Reiterates Promise To Close Guantanamo Bay, End Torture

16 November 2008

That’s what we hired you for, Obama. Now, let’s hope you continue with your plan once you get into office.

So, that was 2008.

Now, today: Prosecutors exclude veteran U.S. Army officer from Gitmo jury for wanting to close the prison: here.

Strange news, as the official policy (whether it is practiced is another issue) of the present United States administration is to close down the United States torture camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Seemingly, only supporters of the lunatic fringe far Right opposition to President Obama are welcome in the Guantanamo kangaroo courts. Maybe you have to believe that Obama is not really a United States citizen, but a shape shifting green lizard from outer space who landed with a UFO in Kenya as well to qualify for the kangaroo courts

It seems that ex-neoconservative Andrew Sullivan is now to the left of Obama on Guantanamo torture: Obama’s Use Of Tortured Evidence: here.

U.S. lacks policy on housing detainees convicted in military commissions: here.

Prisoners’ rights group Reprieve has written to David Cameron urging him to intervene on behalf of Guantanamo prisoner and former British resident Ahmed Belbacha: here.

New CIA interrogation tapes hint at legal ‘loophole’ allowing the US to continue outsourcing torture: here.

The Obama administration has rebuffed numerous requests for information and documentation from foreign governments, many of them its close allies, who have been compelled for domestic political reasons to open investigations into torture and illegal detention of prisoners by US government agents: here.

“Obama’s Hollow Guantanamo Apology” – Analyzing half-truths & evasions in the President’s press conference: here.

Exclusive: Miliband: Britain was slow to act against US torture: here.

The Labor government has refused to grant a passport to former Guantánamo Bay prisoner Mamdouh Habib, claiming he might prejudice Australian security: here.

Former Guantanamo Bay concentration camp inmate Mamdouh Habib has dropped a lawsuit against the Australian government after it struck an out-of-court settlement with him: here.

“US Court Denies Justice to Dead Men at Guantanamo” – The cover-up of the deaths on June 9, 2006 continues: here.

The Pentagon has postponed the trial of the youngest detainee at the US concentration camp at Guantanamo: here.

4 thoughts on “Only ultra-hawks welcome in Guantanamo kangaroo court

  1. Obama set to lift Cuba travel ban

    United States: Ferocious anti-Cuban politicians in the US have been left fuming after press reports alleged that US President Barack Obama was about to lift a ban on US citizens travelling to Caribbean island.

    The 50-year ban, which bizarrely makes travelling to Cuba without prior permission from the US government a criminal offence, may be relaxed by Mr Obama by presidential decree without waiting for the US Congress to reconvene after its summer break.

    New Jersey Democratic Party senator Robert Menendez fumed: “This is not the time to ease pressure on the Castro regime.”


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