More WikiLeaks Afghan war whistleblowing

This video says about itself:

Julian Assange on the Afghanistan war logs: ‘They show the true nature of this war‘. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, explains why he decided to publish thousands of secret US military files on the war in Afghanistan.

From Associated Press today:

LONDON — WikiLeaks spokesman: We’re preparing to release the 15,000 remaining Afghan intelligence files.

See also here.

The US political and media establishment morally inverts itself to attack Wikileaks: here.

Hundreds of villagers shouted “Death to the United States” as they blocked a main road in eastern Afghanistan after Nato forces killed three people in a raid: here.

This video says about itself:

12 August 2010

Nato forces have claimed a victory in eastern Afghanistan, saying they have captured a key Taliban commander.

But the raid that led to that success may have come at a heavy price, as Afghans vent their anger over three villagers killed in the assault.

Clayton Swisher reports.

Showcase Afghan Army Mission Turns to Debacle: here.

USA: A working group of current and former service members raised concerns that women may have a harder time than men being seen by their primary care physicians at Veterans Affairs Department hospitals. The limited access is due to a policy that restricts women to being seen only when those physicians rotate through the women’s health clinics, said Ryan Gallucci, a spokesperson for AmVets, a veteran service organization, reported Air Force Times Aug. 11. If a female veteran’s primary care physician sees patients in the women’s clinic only one afternoon a week, that veteran could see the physician only on that one afternoon. Male veterans, however, could see that physician on any day he takes appointments, Gallucci said: here.

Hundreds of Iraq vets misdiagnosed, left hanging: here.

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