Baby grass snakes are early this year

First Limburg grass snake babies of 2010, photo by Lei Paulssen

According to the Dutch herpetologists of the RAVON foundation today (translated):

In the south of Limburg province, the first young grass snakes have emerged very early from their leaf litter nests. Two weeks earlier than in previous years. The hot month of July has certainly contributed to this.

Grass snake info: here. And here.

Juvenile smooth snakes: here.

8 thoughts on “Baby grass snakes are early this year

  1. Six months jail for snake thief

    Malaysia: A notorious wildlife trader has been sentenced to six months in prison after he was caught smuggling 95 live boa constrictors in his luggage at Kuala Lumpur airport.

    Keng Liang “Anson” Wong, 52, was fined £30,000 after pleading guilty at a district court to exporting the endangered snakes without a permit.

    His bag broke open on a conveyer belt at the airport on August 26 and airport staff found the boa constrictors, together with other snakes and a turtle, in the luggage.


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