Carnivorous plants and other botanical news

Nepenthes khasiana

Translated from the botanical garden in Leiden, the Netherlands:

Saturday August 7, at the ICPS conference, an agreement for the protection of four endangered Nepenthes species was signed.

Stewart Mc Pherson of the Ark of Life Foundation, Marcel van den Broek of the International Carnivorous Plant Society and Paul Keβler of the Hortus Botanicus Leiden signed on Saturday, August 7 an agreement for the protection of four species of Nepenthes. These carnivorous plants are seriously threatened in their natural habitat.

Research collection

The Hortus Botanicus Leiden is adding these carnivorous plants to their research collection in order to save the endangered Nepenthes. The Hortus has the knowledge to breed and protect difficult species. Through a breeding program, the botanical garden hopes to be able in the future to exchange plants with other botanical gardens and eventually bring them back into nature.

The following species are part of this unique project:

Nepenthes aristolochioides Jebb & Cheek from West Sumatra
Nepenthes clipeata Dancer from West Kalimantan
Nepenthes khasiana Hook. F. from India
Nepenthes rigidifolia Akhriadi, Hernawati & Tamins from North Sumatra

Talking about the Leiden botanical garden: at the moment, various Stanhopea orchid species and the cockspur coral tree, Erythrina crista-galli, are flowering.

The Amsterdam botanical garden, mentioned earlier on this blog, does not have to close down (yet).

Common orchid gives scientists hope in face of climate change: here.

Melocactus conoideus – a critically endangered cactus from eastern Brazil: here.

ScienceDaily: Shared phosphoproteome links remote plant species: here.

US museum exhibit to focus on endangered plants: here.

Plants of Zaanstad, the Netherlands: here.

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