New Mauritius dodo expedition

This is video about the dodo museum in Mauritius.

Translated from the Dutch dodo expedion blog:

From August 5 to August 22, the Dodo Research Team will be back, digging in the Mare aux Songes marsh in Mauritius. The aim is to investigate what was the effect of extreme climate change on the dodo and other animals and plants of the island. It turned out that the animals in the mass grave suddenly died around 4000 years ago. We think that this has to do with an extreme drought in Mauritius then. This is particularly relevant because current models predict extreme droughts in the region as well.

Mating call of Mauritian tortoise small price to pay for conservation of forest: here.

5 thoughts on “New Mauritius dodo expedition

  1. Ohsan-Bellepeau new vice president

    Mauritius: The National Assembly elected Monique Ohsan-Bellepeau to the post of vice-president today.

    She replaced Angidi Chettiar, who died on September 15.

    Ms Ohsan-Bellepeau, currently president of the country’s Labour Party, is the sister of leading British communist and University and College Union national official Christiane Ohsan.


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