BP oil pollution in the Gulf

This video from the USA is called BP Oil Spill – Dead Dolphins and Whales Air View – You Don’t See Them, They Die At Sea.

USA: Gulf disaster “independent claims czar” Kenneth Feinberg is on the payroll of BP, he has admitted. He has not revealed how much BP pays him for his work on the Independent Claims Facility: here.

BP disaster, the biggest ever: here. And here.

BP spill officially the worst offshore oil accident: here.

Expert Studies Impact of Gulf Oil Spill on Insects and Spiders: here.

Blue crabs are the most economically valuable crab species for the Gulf region. Louisiana lands approximately 27% of the total blue crabs for the nation: here.

Latest oiled bird tally: 1643 captured alive, 3271 collected dead in BP 205 million gallon leak: here.

National Aquarium initiates assessment of the Sarasota Bay ecosystem to see life before the Gulf oil spill. Read more: here.

BP’s Rosy Predictions Are B.S. — Scientists Say Gulf Spill Will Have Catastrophic Impact for Generations: here.

Missing Gulf Coast Oil Appears To Be Welling Up Under Barrier Island Beaches: here.

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