Afghan war whistleblowers persecuted

This video is called Afghan Bombshell: WikiLeaks ‘War Diary’ exposes US cover-up.

USA: The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have begun interrogating volunteers for Wikileaks and friends and associates of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the US Army soldier accused of supplying the group with classified data on US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan: here.

Andrew Bacevich on Afghanistan War: “The President Lacks the Guts to Get Out”: here.

Australia: The political and media establishment has moved quickly to ensure that the leaking of more than 91,000 US military documents does not provoke open debate on Afghanistan during the current federal election campaign: here.

WikiLeaks: The German Armed Forces and the policy of targeted killings in Afghanistan: here.

The information uncovered by Wikileaks is dangerous indeed–to the government boosters of the failed war on Afghanistan: here.

Wikileaks shows Washington dismayed with Afghan war: here.

Veterans & Military Families Say Pentagon Statements on Wikileaks Aim to Cloud Real Issues: here.

Soldiers involved in the Collateral Murder video have come forward to tell their story: here.

Press release: Defense Fund Established to Fight Imprisonment of Accused WikiLeaks Whistleblower: here.

Chomsky: The War in Afghanistan: Echoes of Vietnam: here.

Can Jesus Cure PTSD? The Army Thinks So: here.

Abuse of women on the rise since start of war, claim critics: here.

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3 thoughts on “Afghan war whistleblowers persecuted

  1. In Support of Imprisoned Wikileaks Whistleblower Pvt. Bradley Manning

    Private First Class Bradley E. Manning is a United States Army soldier who has been arrested and charged with the unauthorized use and disclosure of U.S. classified information. Manning was an intelligence analyst assigned to a support battalion with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division at Contingency Operating Station Hammer, Iraq.

    On July 5, 2010, Manning was charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice with violations of Article 92 and Article 134, for “transferring classified data onto his personal computer and adding unauthorized software to a classified computer system,” and “communicating, transmitting and delivering national defense information to an unauthorized source.” The maximum possible prison sentence for the charges is 52 years. An Army spokesman stated that an Article 32 hearing, similar to a grand jury, would be held to determine whether or not there was enough evidence to proceed to a court-martial.

    “International Days of Action in Solidarity with Bradley Manning” are planned for various cities, September 16-19. To see a current listing, visit

    Raymond McGovern is a retired CIA officer turned political activist. McGovern was a Federal employee under seven U.S. presidents over 27 years, presenting the morning intelligence briefings at the White House for many of them. In 2003, together with other former CIA employees, McGovern founded the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity or VIPS. The organization is dedicated to analyzing and criticizing the use of intelligence, specifically relating to the Iraq war.

    August 8, 2010, in Quantico, Virginia, where Manning is currently imprisoned, McGovern spoke to a rally supporting Manning. McGovern said, “We are here to say thank you and to tell Bradley Manning, loud and clear, ‘You are not alone. You are not alone.'” Read Alternet’s report of McGovern’s remarks here.


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